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A partner from Turkey needs to find suppliers of dragon fruit products

05/08/2022 | 20:17:33

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VIETGO would like to send you information from Mr. Emre - a customer from Turkey - with the need to find dragon fruit sourcing to Saudi Arabia and Sweden. He is looking forward to finding a partner to cooperate with as soon as possible.

A partner from Turkey needs to find suppliers of dragon fruit products

VIETGO would like to send you information from Mr. Emre - a customer from Turkey - with the need to find dragon fruit sourcing to Saudi Arabia and Sweden. He is looking forward to finding a partner to cooperate with as soon as possible.

Order details:


Type: White flesh dragon fruit

Weights: 300-400g/fruit

Suppliers suggest available sizes


Good quality dragon fruit, beautiful design, sweet taste, not rotten, damaged

Beautiful shape, clean fruit, ensuring food safety and hygiene

Packaging: Using cartons

The suppliers may suggest available packaging methods

Quantities: Import 5 pallets/month (by air)

The customer will import in larger quantities if the product price is suitable

Quotation method: CIP

Destinations: Malmo Airport (Sweden) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Payment method: The customer wants to discuss specifically with the suppliers after receiving the quote


Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration


Information about the customer:

Mr. Emre contacted VIETGO to express his desire to find a supplier of dragon fruit products.


Customer photos

After graduating from █████████████████ with a Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, majoring in Business, Management, Marketing and related Support services, Mr. Emre started his own business. as General Director of construction company ██████ in July 2012 in Arbil, Iraq. The company is privately owned as a subcontractor, has completed many major projects, built public schools as the main contractor appointed by the Government. The company has built a strong, skilled workforce and outsourced staff including project managers, engineers and craftsmen. Team members always try to operate well to achieve success in projects, design operational structures with all necessary technical tools.

In March 2015, he moved to work at █████████████████████ Marketing Co, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Import Manager. Here, he established an import department to attract more customers with imported goods. He develops strong relationships with international suppliers, completes negotiations and appoints follow-up team members based on agreed terms and available conditions, creates teams and assigns responsibility for importing goods from abroad into the KSA market. Then, in November, he was appointed Head of Production, specializing in developing relationships with existing customers and negotiating with new business partners, establishing new multinational sales teams, training them, assigning tasks and providing and coaching them to achieve their goals by ensuring diversity harmony in a multicultural environment. With his efforts and professional operation, he helped the company increase its annual revenue from 2.65 million USD to 11.2 million USD within 3 years, increasing the company's profit by 18%. After more than 3 years of dedication, he was recognized by everyone for his ability and continued to be appointed as the CEO of the company. To maximize sales and profits, Mr. Emre has focused on developing aggressive sales strategies, analyzing GCC market potential and relationships with retailers, wholesalers and customers. products in the Middle East region. He also builds negotiation terms with suppliers from all over the world (including 22 different countries), creates sales and marketing teams, and sets their goals on a customer-by-product basis quarterly and annually by ensuring momentum, direction, and support for expanding business opportunities, conducting monthly quality assurance reviews of existing business partners to deliver results, increasing recognition awareness of the company's brand by implementing marketing strategies and improving long-term and sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers according to the needs of the regularity of the supply chain.

The business process of the customer did not stop there, but in June 2019, he moved to work in Istanbul, Turkey. He assumed the position of Deputy Director of ████████ █████████ ███████ in June 2019. His day job is to create marketing strategies by increasing market coverage from 3 local cities to 8 cities covering 4 different countries, analyzing market potential and developing strategies to maximize profitability, increase company profits by 35% by planning and controlling costs, develop new international business relationships with EU companies, set new goals for the marketing and sales team to retain existing customers, develop business with new partners to be able to introduce products to international markets (Netherlands, Sweden and Spain), set new goals and develop a new vision and mission, increasing the annual capacity of export products from 960 tons to 2,880 tons, etc. After two years working here, he decided to separate from his personal activities as a commercial intermediary, helping customers and partners to find the right sourcing from many parts of the world.

Photos of products that the customer company is currently trading in

He said: “Currently I have opened my company in Saudi Arabia and Sweden, and will soon expand to Norway and Denmark. My main goal is to focus on fresh produce and then dried and frozen fruit items. I have successfully imported products from more than 17 countries in small and large quantities. We import fresh fruit by both sea and air, specifically for strawberry products, we import 3-4 pallets daily, 2 pallets for cherries and lettuce, etc. Knowing the working model of VIETGO, I am confident that you can help me access the right sourcing for the agricultural products that we need. Specifically, I currently have a need to import fresh fruits (banana, mango, dragon fruit, durian, jackfruit, pineapple, etc.), spices (garlic, onion, ginger, etc.) and canned fruits. With this dragon fruit import order, we are aiming to further expand our product supply so that we can distribute products with diverse designs and best quality, supplying to the domestic market as well as export to the world in the near future. Therefore, we are looking for suppliers who can meet large quantities for our company to distribute to the Swedish and Saudi Arabian markets. Therefore, I hope to soon receive a quotation as well as advice on suitable models, product sizes and payment methods from suppliers so that orders can be quickly and smoothly processed. and succeed”.

Therefore, in order to ensure a smooth order, suppliers please provide an early quote to Mr. Emre via the contact information below.


VIETGO wishes you a successful business!


Customer contact information:

Mr. Emre

WhatsApp: +90 5████████████

Email: ██████████@gmail.com

Nationality: Turkish

Countries: Sweden and Saudi Arabia


Order number: E050822 – NTN2



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