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Opportunity to export white sugar in large quantities to the Chinese market

05/08/2022 | 19:37:58

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Mr. Anup - a customer from India - is currently looking for a supplier of good quality white sugar to export to the Chinese market.

Opportunity to export white sugar in large quantities to the Chinese market

Mr. Anup - a customer from India - is currently looking for a supplier of good quality white sugar to export to the Chinese market.

Detailed information about white sugar products for exporting to China as follows:



Product Type: Cane white sugar

Quantities: 50,000 tons for trial

The customer will import 100,000 tons/month within 12 months if the product quality is good and the price is reasonable


Crystal white, natural sweetness, no impurities

The suppliers provide the product specifications


The suppliers suggest available packaging methods

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Any main ports in China

Payment method: L/C

Product illustration


Product packaging illustration

Customer details:

Mr. Anup is the Director of ███████████████ And █████████████ - based in Bengal, India. He is looking for a supplier of white sugar for a long-term order of the company he is representing.

Personal photo of the customer

███████████████ And █████████████ started its journey in 2020. Over the past 3 years of operation and development, the company has achieved remarkable achievements in the import and export market and established a brand of their own products. Currently, the main activity of the company is to import raw materials for processing and market the finished products, which have great consumption not only in the Indian market but also present in many parts of the world, especially in Asia and Europe. The company's primary goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality products at reasonable prices. To do that, ███████████████ And █████████████ must constantly strive to source good quality raw materials while improving and innovating the processing process. Currently, the company has strengths in the production and processing of seasoning products.

███████████████ And █████████████ has always been committed to providing high quality products to its customers, which has helped the company become a leader in the food industry in the region. To be able to fulfill this commitment, right from the early days of establishment, the company has always cared about and listened to customers' opinions, constantly innovated products, successfully created its own brand and gained trust from customers. The company serves customers across a wide range of services including the industrial sector. In order to meet the needs of customers at all costs and actively provide goods to customers with the best quality, price and service, the company always seeks to build long-term business relationships with suppliers. The goal of ███████████████ And █████████████ is to become one of the market leaders in the supply of spices worldwide. To do that, the company always creates a safe, healthy and competitive working environment for employees with the belief that the people behind each product and shipment are the people who make great products. The management team is also built on a diverse background including food business, processing technology, logistics management, marketing and corporate finance.

Photo of the customer company's iron ore lab assay report

Photo of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

Mr. Anup is currently representing a company and is responsible for sourcing well-capacity suppliers from all over the world. He shared that the company currently has a need to import good quality white sugar to the Chinese market. When contacting the suppliers, Mr. Anup will send a letter of Intent to them and negotiate the price and payment method to process the order as soon as possible.

Hence, the suppliers who are interested in the import order of the customer please contact and quote him at the contact information below:


Mr. Anup

Company: ███████████████ And █████████████

Tel/Whatsapp: +91 ███████████

Email: ██████████████@gmail.com

Address: █████████████No - ███████████ ████████████Road, █████████████████ ██████████████, West Bengal, ██████, India

Nationality: Indian

Country: China


Order number: B050822 - TTN


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