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(Urgent) The deal to export wheat flour to the Turkish market

05/08/2022 | 16:43:56

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Alfaz - a customer from India - about an order to import wheat flour.

(Urgent) The deal to export wheat flour to the Turkish market

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Alfaz - a customer from India - about an order to import wheat flour.

Currently, he is in need of finding a reputable supplier to be able to conduct regular import orders to Turkey and has a goodwill to cooperate with the company in the next import orders. Here are the order details:

Order details:




Color: White

Moisture: 13-14% max

Protein: 10-11%

Ash: 0.5-0.56% max

Dry gluten: 10-11.5%

Wet gluten: 26-30%

Good quality flour, fine flour, natural color, no lumps or mold

The product parameter photo has been approved by the customer

Packaging: 50kg/bag

Quantities: Import 50,000 tons/month

The customer will import within 12 months with a total quantity of 300,000 tons

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Istanbul, Turkey

Payment method: L/C


Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration

Customer details:

Mr. Alfaz - representing ████████████ ███████International Private Limited - is currently looking for a supplier of wheat flour products.

Photo of the customer company’s business card

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

████████████ ████████████is a privately held company incorporated on December 17, 2018. The company's registered office is located in █████ █████████████, India. The company has been duly registered at the Kanpur Registrar of Companies (RoC-Kanpur) and classified as a non-governmental company with its authorized share capital of INR 100,000 and paid-up capital of INR 100,000. “We are a trusted organization engaged in providing a wide range of quality agricultural and industrial products. We are also one of the leading companies in sourcing quality from many countries around the world. Our team of experts always uphold the quality of our products. Every piece of work is ensured with proper and quality process. Since our establishment on December 17, 2018, we are constantly improving our quality to better serve our customers. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, industry standards, timely delivery and quality, an experienced workforce are the company's top goals. Our mission is to be a leading supplier, distributing high quality products and services at competitive prices. We want to be a globally competitive and innovative business that provides 100% genuine services to our customers. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services. We use the same best standards as we did during the development and testing of the project before delivering the product to the market. During the course of our business up to now, we have received the trust of our customers for our sourcing activities and supporting the process of negotiating and signing contracts. We help our customers find reputable products from many countries around the world. With professional knowledge as well as many years of experience in the business field, we pursue and fulfill our commitments on the quality of products and services provided to bring great experiences for customers and consumers.

Recently, I received an order for flour products from a partner in Turkey. Specifically, my client needs to import 50,000 tons/month and is aiming for long-term cooperation and regular import within 12 months. Therefore, I hope to receive a quotation from the suppliers soon to quickly process the order", said Mr. Alfaz.

When listening to the initial introduction about VIETGO as well as the company's working process, the customer expressed his trust and goodwill towards long-term cooperation. He hopes the company can help him find reputable, potential and capable suppliers so that all processes can be carried out quickly. If this order is successful, the company will continue to trust and cooperate with suppliers for import orders of agricultural products in the near future, specifically for white rice. Therefore, we hope that the supplier can quote the price soon to the customer so that we can exchange details about product parameters as well as suitable packaging methods for this order.

Photo of the certificate that the customer company has obtained

Hence, the suppliers who can meet Mr. Alfaz's requirements, please contact and quote him via the contact information below:

Mr. Alfaz

Company:█████████████ ███████International Private Limited

Customer email:███████████████@gmail.com

Mob/Whatsapp: +91 ███████████

Nationality: Indian

Country: Turkey

Order number: B050822– NTN2



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