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The export deal of shavings to the French market

05/08/2022 | 15:10:49

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of shavings from a potential customer, Mr. Stam.

The export deal of shavings to the French market

VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of shavings from a potential customer, Mr. Stam.

Mr. ████Stam - a customer from the Netherlands needs to find a long-term partner to supply shavings.

Order information:


Quantities: 100 tons for the first order

Customers will import regularly if the quality is good

Material: Softwood

The supplier can recommend available softwood

Dimensions: The supplier can recommend

Packing method:

25 kg/bag

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharges: Le Havre, France

Payment method: T/T (20% as deposit and 80% against the Bill of Lading)

Product illustrations


Customer information:

Recently, Mr. ███ Stam ██ – Chief Operating Officer of ██████████ company in the Netherlands has contacted VIETGO with the desire to find a supplier for his wood shaving order. Currently, the customer is on business trip to Australia. Mr. Stam shared: “██████████ operates as a commercial import-export company in the Netherlands. We operate mainly in the field of supplying officially imported goods from countries around the world with competitive prices and delivery at all major ports in the region. Today, the geographical distance between countries on the continents is no longer a big problem when shipping services via sea and air have been very developed. Grasping the trend of opening up the trade economy in the 4.0 era, the guideline in our operation method is to provide the best service to customers from businesses to individuals. Our company deals in a wide range of products from consumer foods such as cooking oil, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, spices, and confectionery to construction products. During many years of operation, we have received very good feedback from customers who have been using the company's services. Customer satisfaction and feedback is the driving force for our company to develop as it is today”.

Photo of the customer's business card

Photo of the customer company’s website

Photos of products that the customer's company is currently doing business

According to research from trade experts, the Netherlands is one of the leading important trade partners of countries including Vietnam. This is the gateway for goods circulation of businesses that want to export products to countries in the European Union (EU). Mr. Stam's company - ██████████ is one of the oldest and largest trading companies in the Netherlands. Currently, with the need to find shavings products to export to the French market, the customer contacted and sent VIETGO with the desire to find a supplier with quality products and competitive prices. It can be said that the French market is a market with a developed economy with a large and diversified customer scale; it is also a country with a developed manufacturing industry. The food market over here is growing and is supplied from all over the world. France always opens and welcomes investors and businesses to export essential items to France with preferential policies of the government. This is a valuable opportunity for suppliers to bring their products and company's name to the international market.

Through conversation and exchange, Mr. Stam expressed the need to import shavings from softwood in large quantities and if the product is of good quality, the customer will sign and cooperate for a long time with the supplier.

Therefore, with today's development, and the desire to expand the business network leading to a guaranteed supply, Mr. Stam decided to contact VIETGO and discuss his product wishes.

Through discussion VIETGO highly appreciated Mr. Stam's goodwill to cooperate with suppliers in Asia. Any suppliers who can meet the needs of this potential customer please contact and send him a quote as soon as possible with the following contact information:


Customer contact information:

Mr. ███ Stam ██

Mob/WhatsApp: + 61 ██████████/ +31 █████████

  Now, the customer is using the number + 61 █████████

Email: ████████████████

Company name: ██████████

Website: https:/████████████/

Address: ██████████████████ ████████ █████████, Netherlands

Country: Netherlands


Order number: A050822 – VTQ – NTN1


VIETGO wishes you a successful business!







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