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A partner from Chile needs to find a supplier of wood pellets

05/08/2022 | 10:30:46

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Mr. Calvo, a customer from Chile, has just discussed with VIETGO about the inquiry to find a supplier for wood pellets for his business purposes.

A partner from Chile needs to find a supplier of wood pellets

Mr. Calvo, a customer from Chile, has just discussed with VIETGO about the inquiry to find a supplier for wood pellets for his business purposes.

Here are the order details:    

Product name: wood pellets

Quantities: 3 20ft containers

Below are the product parameters that have been sent to the customer for reference, suppliers can suggest more similar products during the exchange.

Wood type: Pine, rubber wood or acacia wood

Diameter: 6mm

Length: <40 mm

Humidity: <10%

Ash: <3%

Heat: 4,600-4,700 kcal/kg

Packing method: 18 kg/bag PE

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharging: San Vicente, Talcahuano, Chile

Payment method: T/T

Product illustrations

Customer Information:

Photo of the customer

VIETGO just had a conversation with a customer from Chile, Mr. Calvo. He is an expert in civil construction, he established a company specializing in technology and construction, in the form of a limited company from 2020, the main product the company is dealing in is imported electronic equipment from China.

Photo of Mr. Calvo 's business card

Photos of the company's products

The customer shared that he had a lot of experience working and cooperating with suppliers from Asia, specifically, he was currently importing goods from China and had many potential partners from this market.

Photo of the customer's company website

Due to the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, he wants to find more potential partners in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. Owning a large customer network, Mr. Calvo has received a lot of demand to import sawdust pellets during this period. Realizing this is a good development opportunity, Mr. Calvo decided to look for suppliers of wood pellets from all over the world to cooperate, anticipate the buying trend in the potential South American market and also is his familiar market. To do this, the first step that the customer focus on is to find and cooperate with the right suppliers, factories capable of producing large quantities, continuously and ensuring the quality that meets high demand of the market. Mr. Calvo is willing to sign long-term contracts to receive the most competitive price for the above-mentioned tablet order.

Through each successful transaction, Mr. Calvo's company establishes more strategic business relationships, creating a solid bridge for the company's next projects. Through this order, Mr. Calvo hopes to find a suitable supplier to import goods soon to keep up with the business schedule set by the company.

Below is the bill of lading to import electronic components from Hong Kong to Chile that the customer successfully executed on March 28, 2021:

Photo of the customer’s bill of lading

Talking about this order, Mr. Calvo said: “This year my company wants to expand its business and I believe that biofuels is a very good business in Chile. In order to meet the maximum needs of customers, I need to find more sources of goods from outside. With this order of wood pellets, I plan to import 3 20ft containers. I am very pleased to hear that VIETGO is working with a network of suppliers in the Asia region. I hope to be connected with reputable suppliers with sufficient supply capacity, good product quality and reasonable prices.”

During the conversation, the Chilean customer always showed a polite and professional attitude. He expressed his sincere desire to cooperate with VIETGO's suppliers and showed that he fully believed that VIETGO with an ever-expanding network of suppliers can help him with this order.

VIETGO hopes that the suppliers who can meet the order can quickly quote the price to the customer and negotiate as soon as possible according to the contact information below:

Contact Information:

Mr. ████████Calvo

Company: ███████████

Website: www.███████████.cl

WhatsApp: +56█████████

Email: ████████████@gmail.com

Nationality: Chilean

Importing country: Chile

VIETGO would like to send you order information and wish you another successful business.

Order number: A030822-DTTD-NTT



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