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(Urgent) Opportunity to become a supplier for export orders of dried durian to the Chinese market

04/08/2022 | 16:46:50

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Mr. Hung, a potential customer is looking for a reputable supplier for dried durian products to export to the Chinese market.

(Urgent) Opportunity to become a supplier for export orders of dried durian to the Chinese market

Mr. Hung, a potential customer is looking for a reputable supplier for dried durian products to export to the Chinese market.


Order details:


Product types: Dried durian and cold-dried durian

Product Requirements:

Dried and cold-dried fruits have a natural color and flavor, no added sugar, no frying, no impurities, and no mold, and ensure food hygiene and safety

Quantities: 1 20ft container for trial

If the product quality and price are reasonable, the customer will import in the quantities of 20 20ft containers/month

Packaging: Using large vacuum bags

Quotation methods: CIF and FOB

For the CIF quotation method, port of discharge: Tianjin port or Qingdao port, China

Payment method: T/T or L/C

The customer wants to discuss directly with the supplier

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Information about the customer:

Mr. Thanh Hung, an experienced customer, is representing businesses in China looking for suppliers of dried fruit products. Mr. Hung has a lot of experience. He mainly worked and cooperated with customers from China for 8 years now, so he has extensive experience in the field of exchanging and signing contracts with businesses in China. He prefers a quick working style and has to seize the opportunity to be able to close large orders. He also regularly trades and exports goods to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, etc. For this order of dried durian, he represents ████████████ ███████ CO., LTD, an enterprise in China, to search for reputable suppliers all over the world.

████████████ ███████ CO., LTD is located in Yutai, Shandong Province, China. The company has an extensive portfolio of goods of all sizes. The factory is equipped with a complete set of equipment, so the company always ensures a strict product production process, providing the best value products. Factories have a large production capacity, which can supply goods in large quantities. The company is located near Qingdao seaport and Lianyungang port, which is very convenient for delivery. Each shipment of the company's goods will be passed a very strict inspection before delivery. The factories set quality control norms and authorized quality certificates by China Customs. The company's main market is located in Southeast Asia (accounting for 70%), besides its products are also consumed in North America and East Asia at a rate of 10% each.

Photo of the company represented by the customer’s website

Photos of the company represented by the customer

Photo of the certificate of the company represented by the customer

Photos of some products of the company's business representatives is trading in

In a conversation with VIETGO, Mr. Hung shared: "As you all know, the partnership is very important for the development of any business venture. Therefore, regardless of any business activity, it is important to find the right cooperation agreement that benefits both parties. My goal is to remain relevant for a long time and achieve the main goals that the business has set. Having a business partner means you are no longer operating in isolation. It is important to form a partnership agreement with companies that have similar goals and values so that they can enhance the value of their own business. As an agent, I need to make sure the product source is really quality. With my expertise and understanding, I never let poor-quality products compromise my reputation.

Currently, I am in need of finding a supplier for dried durian products to export to the Chinese market, I plan to import in large quantities every month if the product quality is reasonable. I look forward to getting a detailed quote from the supplier including the shipping cost and the estimated delivery time. In addition, I would also like to get a sample to review and find out what kind of product is suitable for the consumption needs of the Chinese people. I'm in a lot of trouble right now, so I hope the supplier can contact me as soon as possible".

Through the process of working and exchanging orders, VIETGO realizes the seriousness and goodwill of cooperation from Mr. Hung. He wishes to receive the best support from the company to be able to cooperate for a long time in big projects in the near future. Therefore, we believe that this will be a potential and good trade opportunity for suppliers to be able to export dried durian products to the Chinese market in the near future. The preferred customer communicates with the supplier via phone number.

Hence, to ensure that the order goes smoothly, please quote Mr. Hung early via the contact information below.


VIETGO wishes you a successful deal!



Customer contact information:


Mr. Thanh Hung

Tel: 093███████

Email: ███████████@gmail.com

Representative company: ████████████ ███████ CO., LTD

Address: ████████, China

Nationality: Vietnamese

Country: China


Order number: B040822 – NTTD






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