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Opportunity for cooperation in exporting sugar products to the Turkish market

04/08/2022 | 17:05:19

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VIETGO would like to send you information from Mr. Rey about the need to find the supply of sugar to the Turkish market.

Opportunity for cooperation in exporting sugar products to the Turkish market

VIETGO would like to send you information from Mr. Rey about the need to find the supply of sugar to the Turkish market.

Order details:


Product type: White sugar

Quantities: 50,000 tons for trial

The customer will conduct imports within 12 months if the product is of good quality and reasonably priced


Good quality flournaturally colored, free from clumping or moldy


Suppliers give the available specification table

Packaging: 50kg/PP bag

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Istanbul port or Mersin port, Egypt

Payment method: L/C

Photo of Letter of intent provided by the customer

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Information about the customer:

Mr. Rey, Purchasing Director of ████████████, is currently looking for suppliers for the company's sugar products in the Turkish market.

Customer photo

Photo of the customer's business card

████████████ is headquartered in Pasig Province, Philippines, which is a company that mainly sells fresh vegetables and vegetables. As an accredited brand, ████████████ possesses the full capacity to process and sell agricultural finished products to all markets in India and neighboring countries. Thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and production lines, ████████████ has the ability to process the purchased raw agricultural products into complete products in the most efficient way. The company's factory units are always equipped with modern processing equipment and are maintained and upgraded annually to meet the trend of industrialization and stay ahead of the changes in the market.

As a high-quality exporter, the company also provides a wide range of smart and cost-effective services and solutions to customers in a variety of ways (sea and air) to maintain the quality of vegetables and fruits. The company's mission is to become the dominant company in the field of fresh vegetables by building world-class infrastructure and systems for preserving and processing products and providing fresh products to foreign consumers. With the mindset of packaging exported fresh vegetables is one of the most important steps in the long and complicated journey from owner to the customer, ████████████ always pays attention to choosing the right packaging methods for each vegetable when exporting to countries in the region.

Below is the bill of lading for imports of masks from China to the UK market on April 30, 2020, of the customer's company.

Photo of the bill of lading of the customer company

Sharing about the flour order with VIETGO, Mr. Rey said: "Currently, our company is in need of importing sugar to the Turkish market for consumption. We plan to import about 50,000 for the first shipment to consider the demand in this market. If the product meets expectations, we will conduct regular monthly imports in larger quantities. I also look forward to receiving detailed product specifications from the suppliers".

Mr. Rey has repeatedly connected with VIETGO for orders of medical gloves, labor protection, and masks exported to the US, Europe, and Asia. Through a relatively long time of cooperation, he has become a close customer of VIETGO. From the contracts implemented between the parties, we recognize that Mr. Rey is a serious, friendly, courteous, trustworthy businessman who always upholds business ethics. He shared with us that he trusted VIETGO and always looked to VIETGO first for his orders so that he can find business partners. He also intended to invest in the factory to produce medical gloves for export. Most recently, he signed a contract with a supplier from VIETGO for an order for medical gloves worth $186 million to be exported to Denmark.

Mr. Rey was a very polite and serious customer. He is looking forward to being able to work with suppliers from VIETGO. Hence, the suppliers who are interested in the customer's order to import sugar please contact and quote with him at the contact address below:



Customer details:

Mr. Rey ██████████████████

Company: ████████████

Whatsapp: +63 ████████████

Email: ███████████████████████@gmail.com

Nationality: Philippines

Country: Egypt


Order code: C040822 – NTTD









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