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A Filipino trader needs to import canvas bags

04/08/2022 | 16:41:28

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VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an import order of canvas bags from a Filipino trader, Ms. Zarah.

A Filipino trader needs to import canvas bags

VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an import order of canvas bags from a Filipino trader, Ms. Zarah.

Ms. Zarah is urgently looking for a supplier who can fulfill an order of canvas bags to do business in the Philippines market.  

Here are the order details:

Product name: Canvas bag

Quantities: 1000 - 2000 pcs (if competitive quotation is received)

Material: Satin fabric


Length: 46cm/18inches

Height: 39cm/15.5inches (not include handle)

Width: 12cm/5inches

Design: The bag has a smart design, which can be easily folded into the included small carrying bag. The bag is attached with a multi-function hook (carabiner) that can attach the bag to a keychain, purse, backpack, etc in a convenient way

Colors: Red, blue, purple, green

Packaging method: According to the manufacturer's standard

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharging: Manila, Philippines

Payment method: T/T

Photo of products provided by the customer

Customer information:

Photo of the customer

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Ms. Zarah about an import order of canvas bags for her company's business project in the Philippines market.

Ms. Zarah is a businessman from the Philippines. Currently, she is the Purchasing Representative of ████████ ██████████ company in the Philippines branch. Ms. Zarah said the company was just established not long ago so it is still in the process of perfecting the system. However, the company determined to focus on products derived from nature, environmentally friendly and reusable many times. This import order of canvas bags is one of the company's important projects in its development process.

Photo of the company’s website

In the near future, ████████ ██████████ orients to develop more handmade items, fresh food in order to bring customers the best products, ensure health as well as convey the meaning of environmental protection. Currently, the company is in the process of completing the website, key information such as product catalog and ordering process is still being updated. This will be the main means to help the company promote the latest products to its customers.

Sharing with us more information about this order, Ms. Zarah said: “We wanted to buy this smart designed bag to attract more potential customers. This type of bag can be used many times, used as a shopping bag, very convenient to carry around. If people switch to using cloth bags, the amount of waste plastic bags, plastic items, plastic bags will be reduced, which has great significance for protecting the environment and our planet. I really hope that through this order, we can have a long-term cooperation with your supplier for our products. I look forward to hearing from potential partners”.

Currently, the customer is looking forward to receiving quotes from suppliers. Suppliers who can meet Ms. Zarah's order please contact and quote as soon as possible according to the information below:


Contact information:

Ms. Zarah

Company: ████████ ██████████

Website: http://██████████████████.com/

Email: █████████@yahoi.com

WhatsApp: +63█████████████

Import country: Philippines


VIETGO would like to wish you another successful business!


Order number: A040822-NTT