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The commercial affair to export beech logs to the Italian market

04/08/2022 | 15:03:27

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of beech logs from a potential customer, Mr. Mario.

The commercial affair to export beech logs to the Italian market


VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of beech logs from a potential customer, Mr. Mario.


Mr. Mario, an Italian customer, has contacted VIETGO to find a supplier of beech logs for his company's project.


Product details:




Quantity: 1 20ft container for trial

(If the quality with competitive price is consistent, the customer will import regularly)

Purposes of usage: Used for packing wooden crates and firewood


Diameter: 30cm – 70cm

Length: 3m – 12m

(Suppliers please send actual product photos with quotes)

Quotation method: CIF

Ports of discharge: Ports of Naples, Salerno và Formia, Italy

Payment methods: L/C and T/T

Product illustrations


Customer details:

Mr. Mario – Head of Import-Export Department cum a representative of ███████████████ S.r.l. – currently looking for beech logs for his company's project.

Photo of the customer


Spending time talking with VIETGO, the customer enthusiastically shared: “After receiving a prestigious bachelor's degree in Automatic Engineering from the Università degli Studi eCampus, Italy, I decided to apply for a job and become a member of ███████████████ S.r.l. in the role of Head of Import-Export Department starting from September 2021 until now. At first glance, you might just think that I'm a student just walking out of the school gates, but that doesn't mean I don't have any in-depth experience in this area. In fact, I have accumulated a lot of valuable experience from working in large multinational companies as well as in student exchange and internship opportunities in New Zealand. In addition to my main job at ███████████████ S.r.l., I also invest in a small store selling and repairing electrical systems and equipment in Toscana.


Founded on June 24, 2011 in San Marcellino - a bustling municipality in the province of Caserta in the Campania region of Italy, ███████████████ S.r.l. (tax code: ███████████) is a company dealing in a variety of high quality products for the construction industry, focusing mainly on the exploitation and processing of raw wood. Owning professional proprietary equipment and machines allows us to work in a safe environment with a passion for doing our best to satisfy our customers. We are constantly striving to grow and today, the company is affirmed as a leading and pioneering company in the industry. In addition, ███████████████ S.r.l. is also committed to providing customers with products of the best quality, legally harvested from forests permitted by the state, especially using renewable wood sources, contributing to the green solutions to protect the global environment.

Photo of the website of the customer's company

Photos of some products currently traded and manufactured by the customer's company

Photos of some of the projects currently implemented by the customer's company

Photo of the PEFC certificate of sustainable forest management achieved by the customer's company


The philosophy of ███████████████ S.r.l. is "continuous innovation, non-stop creation". In many companies, it is believed that innovation is "simply" the result of the work of those in charge of developing and designing new products that are about to launch onto the market. However, at ███████████████ S.r.l., this is another story. We believe that innovation begins with the choices, direction and solidarity of a team. In these difficult historical times related to the enormous effects of the global Covid waves, limited raw material supply, and long production and shipping times, we try to set a new challenge for ourselves, a total "innovation". It is to take advantage of difficulties and turn them into opportunities by targeting potential new foreign markets with the aim of importing new products into Italy with the help of new strategies that have never been used before.


Currently, ███████████████ S.r.l. continues to sign cooperation agreements with plantations that allow local legal logging. However, the domestic supply of wood is limited, especially the certified wood harvested from sustainably managed forest areas. We understand that being proactive about legal and quality raw materials is the great advantage of every business working in the competitive woodworking industry, determining our success now and in the future. This is the basis for forming its own identity and the pride of breakthrough growth towards becoming a leading supplier of wood materials as well as a manufacturer of wood products, not only in Italy but also in the promising European region - where the conditions for traceability of legal wood are strictly regulated when importing. Besides, in order to meet the ongoing development projects, in addition to the factory with an area of more than 3000m2, we are also expanding a new warehouse to store the shipped goods before reaching customers.

Panoramic photo of the outside of the customer's company's factory

Pictures of the inside of the customer's company's factory

Photo of the company's new warehouse under construction

Pictures of the goods shipments to the the company's customer's address


Through the introduction, I learned that VIETGO is the gathering place of thousands of reputable suppliers not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Therefore, with this order, I put my trust in you. I am looking forward to receiving the most competitive quotes from potential suppliers as soon as possible”.

Photos of wood harvested directly at local plantations and transported to the company


With his serious buying attitude and positive cooperation goodwill, VIETGO believes that this will be an order that promises to bring a good cooperative business relationship, not only for enterprises that own good supply capacity in Asia in general, but also for Vietnamese enterprises in particular.


Through chatting and sharing, VIETGO realizes the potential as well as the goodwill of this customer to cooperate with enterprises. Any suppliers who can meet Mr. Mario’s order please contact him via the contact information provided below.


Contact information of the customer:


Mr. Mario █████

Company name: ███████████████ S.r.l.

Registered address: Via ████████████████ █████████████████████████, Italy

Email: import@███████████.com

Whatsapp: +39 ████████████

Nation: Italy


We wish you a successful and smooth transaction!


Order code – B040822 – NHA