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Opportunity for cooperation in exporting dried turmeric products to the Indian market

04/08/2022 | 11:13:00

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Recently, VIETGO had a conversation with Mr. Abhishek – a customer from India about the import order of dried turmeric.

Opportunity for cooperation in exporting dried turmeric products to the Indian market

Recently, VIETGO had a conversation with Mr. Abhishek – a customer from India about the import order of dried turmeric.

Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to be able to conduct regular import orders to the domestic market and has a desire to cooperate with the company and suppliers for a long time in the next orders.

Detailed information about dried turmeric products would like to be sent to you as follows:


Quantities: 5,000 tons/month

The customer will import regularly in huge quantities if the product quality and price are reasonable


Color: Natural yellow

Turmeric has been in dried whole tubers, good quality, with no mold, no spoilage


Curcumin: 2.5-3.75%

Humidity: 8%

Packaging: 25-50kg/PP bag

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, India

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Customer details:

Mr. Abhishek – Director of ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT company – is looking forward to finding a supplier for his dried turmeric products.

Customer photo

Photo of the customer's business card

███████ EXPORT & IMPORT, headquartered in Maharashtra, India, was founded with the goal of delivering the best types of products to consumers across India. Currently, ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT has significantly diversified its portfolio of products and deeply integrated into the international market. Currently, the company has a strong network of marketing and sales engineers in most provinces in India, in addition, the company is also a partner of a group of companies operating in foreign markets. ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT is considered one of the big names in the import and export industry in the domestic and international markets. That progress is made possible by the commendable efforts of the CEO, Mr. Abhishek, whose deep knowledge of imports and export has helped the company to constantly grow and move on the path to success.

One of the golden keys to the company's success is to provide high-quality products and competitive prices directly from the factories and combine them with international business terms, knowledge, and shipping connections. creating its own value in each business activity and encouraging customer loyalty and engagement for a long time. ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT's vision is to become a market leader by offering a wide range of products with the best quality and affordable prices. ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT always strives to provide quality-tested finished products to customers around the globe.

███████ EXPORT & IMPORT always focus on building and maintaining a team of experienced experts, thereby creating trust from customers and employees who always work with the highest dedication to maintain the quality of all kinds of products. ensuring products are distributed and consumed with good quality, ensuring safety and hygiene, and in accordance with the money that customers spend. ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT succeeds in establishing a large customer network in the national and international markets. Currently, the company supplies various kinds of agricultural products, industrial foodstuffs, machinery, rocks, and chemical products to different customers in many countries such as India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and some other Middle Eastern countries and countries in Africa. The company can also serve as the exclusive agent base of foreign companies for the purchase, sale, marketing, and promotion of business related to all kinds of products or necessary supplies of partners. The company also plans to expand its network further to reach out to a wider customer base around the world.

Sharing with VIETGO, Mr. Abhishek said: "In this order of dried turmeric, we want to find a supplier with good quality dried turmeric products to import regularly in the near future. In the past, we used to use Indian dried turmeric for processing and supplying to the market. However, we have established a new dried turmeric project to find new flavors for this product. The supplier can also send me a CIF quote to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, India for our reference and process orders to these markets. I very much hope to receive quotes from suppliers so that I can proceed with the order as soon as possible".

Image of the logo of the customer's company

Photos of the customer company’s shipments

Photos of some products that the customer company is trading in

Photos of the specification of the company's wheat products

With the above sharing, Mr. Abhishek is looking forward to receiving feedback on the competitive price from VIETGO's suppliers. Hence, the suppliers who are interested in the import order of dried turmeric of the customer, please contact and quote with him at the contact information below:


Mr. Abhishek ████

Company: ███████ EXPORT & IMPORT

Tel/Whatsapp: +91 ███████████

Email: ██████████████@gmail.com

Address: Floor No.██████████████, █████████████████, Maharashtra, India

Country: India


Order number: A040822 - NTTD