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The commercial affair to export pine timbers to the Australian market

04/08/2022 | 10:29:42

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of pine timbers from a potential customer, Mr. Lee.

The commercial affair to export pine timbers to the Australian market


VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of pine timbers from a potential customer, Mr. Lee.


Mr. Lee, an Australian customer, has contacted VIETGO to find a supplier of pine timbers for his company's project.



Product details:




Purpose of usage: Housing construction

Dimensions (width x thickness x length):

90mm x 45mm x 3.6m

90mm x 45mm x 4.2m

90mm x 45mm x 4.8m

90mm x 35mm x 3.6m

90mm x 35mm x 4.2m

90mm x 35mm x 4.8m

Quantity: 01 20ft container for the trial

(Suppliers can suggest other sizes available in the product catalog, ensuring it is suitable for the purpose of usage of the customer; if the quality is guaranteed and the price is competitive, the customer will will import monthly)

Requirements: Kiln dried, 4-side planning, limiting knots and cracks

The product requires FSC certificate and appropriate test certificates

Quality: MGP10

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Port of Melbourne, Australia

Payment methods: L/C

Product illustrations



Customer details:


Recently, VIETGO has received a quotation request from Mr. Lee - Director and representative of ██████████████ Pty Ltd - about an order to import pine timbers for his company's project to be deployed.

Photo of the customer

Photo of the customer’s business card


██████████████ Pty Ltd (business number: █████████) was incorporated on 5 November 2019 in Victoria, Australia as a limited liability company. The company is active in the field of trading in a variety of products and at the same time plays the role of a trading company specializing in assisting in searching and consulting suppliers for many different products; providing the necessary information about the suppliers to the customers; introducing goods and services to be brokered; conducting negotiations with suppliers, agreeing on meetings and contacts between brokered parties and assisting brokered parties in drafting contract documents when necessary. Led by two founding directors – Mr. James Lowrey – who has more than 30 years of experience in the food, retail and recruitment sectors and Mr. Lee ██████████ – working as project and contract managers. Since the 1990s, the company has made amazing strides.

Photo of the customer's company website

Photo of company information on the Australian business data page

Photos of some products that the customer's company are currently doing business


“We look forward to seeing a difference in the way businesses operate in the future. ██████████████ realizes that business partners not only buy from us, but also need to find potential markets for business and development. Through our network, we aim to assist all our clients in finding new routes to market in addition to introducing new suppliers for their key needs. In the way that many companies add value through the manufacturing process, ██████████████ increases its own value by supporting both shopping and sales opportunities for partners. We build networks that grow together by creating supply chains that connect markets to more than just products. The success of our business partners is a key driver of ████████████████ sourcing and supply chain processes.


According to forecasts, the Australian construction and materials market is booming. This is a part of the government's economic recovery plan and is also an opportunity for world businesses to continue promoting the export of construction materials, interior and exterior products, and garden decorations to this potential market. We are in dire need of sawn pine for an ongoing residential construction project of our customers. Wood products before being imported into this country must obtain the FSC certificate of origin as well as other appropriate quality certificates according to Australian standards.  For this order, I put my trust in VIETGO - the convergence of hundreds of reputable suppliers. I look forward to receiving potential quotations from suppliers,” the customer shared.


Through a serious buying attitude and positive cooperation, VIETGO believes that this will be an order that promises to bring a good cooperative business relationship, not only for enterprises that own good supply capacity of Vietnam in particular but also around the world in general.


Through chatting and sharing, VIETGO realizes the potential as well as the goodwill of this customer to cooperate with enterprises. Any suppliers who can meet Mr. Lee's order please contact him via the contact information provided below.


Contact information of the customer:


Mr. Lee ██████████

Company name: ██████████████ Pty Ltd

Address: █████████████████, Australia

WhatsApp: +61 4██████████

E-mail: lee@█████████████.com.au

Nationality: Australian


We wish you a successful and smooth transaction!


Order code – A030822 – NHA





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