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An Iraqi trader needs to import sports shoes

03/08/2022 | 17:34:40

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VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an order of sports shoes from an Iraqi customer, Mr. Salary.

An Iraqi trader needs to import sports shoes

VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an order of sports shoes from an Iraqi customer, Mr. Salary.

Mr. Salary is currently urgently looking for a supplier who can fulfill the order of sports shoes to serve the store's business purposes. The customer has a company in China, so the order will be received here, and then will be shipped to Iraq by the company's own shipping method.

Here are the order details:

Product name: Sports shoes

Quantities: 3,000 pairs

Requirements: For men, women

Style: Sporty, youthful and dynamic design

Material: The shoe body is made of mesh or PU leather, the sole is made of good anti-slip rubber

Sizes: 36-43 (according to international standards)

Colors: Blue - white; gray – white, neon green – white

(Suppliers actively suggest additional available colors)

Packaging method: According to the manufacturer's standard

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method: The customer will discuss the details with suppliers

Product illustrations

Customer information:

Photo of the customer

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Mr. Salary about an import order of sports shoes for his shop's business project.  

Mr. Salary is the owner of a shop specializing in the sale of bedding products and clothes in Iraq. For convenience in importing goods as well as working with partners in Asia, he has opened a representative office and a warehouse in China. The customer is a person with rich experience in managing, trading and importing goods. He regularly buys goods in large quantities, establishing an extensive business network in the Middle East and a number of countries in Asia.  

His store is called ██████████, this is also the brand that Mr. Salary built specifically for his products. Over a long period of operation, up to now, the █████ brand has been more widely known and trusted by many customers. Mr. Salary chooses an online business form combining direct sales to promote the brand widely and reach potential customers more effectively. The customer said that taking advantage of business on online platforms has helped him increase sales performance and earn more profits.

Photo of the store's sales page

Photos of the customer's store

The main product that his shop focuses on trading is a set of bedding products, pillow cases, blankets with a variety of designs and different models. Currently in the recovery phase of the economy after the Covid 19 pandemic, Mr. Salary wants to increase the source of goods, expand business activities, and optimize profits. Before that, he often worked with suppliers in China for his products. On March 21, 2022, Mr. Salary successfully imported blanket orders from Ningbo, China to Iraq for business at his store.

Below is Mr. Salary’s bill of lading:

Photo of the customer’s bill of lading

Currently, Mr. Salary is looking for suppliers for products such as bedding products, fashion clothes, sports shoes to implement business projects. The supplier actively proposes products that match the requirements of the customer so that the two parties can cooperate effectively.

Mr. Salary is looking forward to receiving quotes from potential suppliers for this order. The customer does not use email but uses Whatsapp and Wechat during work. Suppliers who can meet Mr. Salary's order please contact and quote him as soon as possible according to the information below:


Contact information:

Mr. █████ Salary

Store: ██████████

WhatsApp: +964 ████████████

Nationality: Iraqi


VIETGO wishes you another successful business!


Order number: B030822-NTT      


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