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Opportunity to cooperate with a customer from Saudi Arabia for limes export orders

23/06/2022 | 15:30:53

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Mr. Sarfraz, a customer from Saudi Arabia, is looking for suppliers to export limes to the domestic market.

Opportunity to cooperate with a customer from Saudi Arabia for limes export orders

Mr. Sarfraz, a customer from Saudi Arabia, is looking for suppliers to export limes to the domestic market.

Detailed information about the product would like to be sent to you as follows:


Product requirements:

Size: M (16-20 pieces/kg)

Fresh limes with good quality, export standards, no damage

Packaging: 15kg/carton box

Quantities: 1 20ft or 40ft container for trial

The customer will import regularly in huge quantities if the price and quality of products are reasonable

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Riyadh port, Saudi Arabia

Payment method: T/T

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Detailed information about the customer:

Mr. Sarfraz, the representative of ██████████████████ ██████ Trading Co. – and VIETGO have had a brief exchange and conversation about limes import orders. Accordingly, Mr. Sarfraz wants to find a supplier for this product to export to the Saudi market.

Customer photo

Photo of the customer's business card

██████████████████ ██████ Trading Co. was established in 2005, is currently headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is a leading company in exporting high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. The export market of ██████████████████ ██████ Trading Co. is spread all over the world including countries like Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Canada, USA, Russia, Netherlands, etc. During 17 years of continuous development, the company has always focused on enhancing its reputation, building its own brand by ensuring the best product experiences, and building long-term relationships with customers. ██████████████████ ██████ Trading Co. confidently brings its products around the world with the view that: “Quality is not an accident, miracle or a presumption but it is the continuous and sustained efforts of management skills, strong technology management and dedication to customers”. 

Photo of the customer company

Photos of products that the customer company is currently trading in

Mr. Sarfraz shared: "Product quality is the top priority we have put on top during our 17 years of business, so our products have a quality certificate from the Agricultural Product Export Development AgencyHowever, in parallel with quality, the issue of the supply chain is also a matter of concern. With the goal of continuing to scale the company, we need more suppliers from other places than the available regions because depending on the region, climate as well as farming method, the product has different flavors, this will enrich my company's list of products. I noticed that the banana consumption market in Saudi Arabia is quite strong and this is a good opportunity to be able to take another step into the market here, meeting the needs of customers more.

When importing raw materials and consuming these products for consumption in my home market, I always put quality as the top criteria for choosing suppliers. Currently, I am in need of importing limes in the quantity of 1 container to check the quality with good product requirements, not spoiled, not bruised. If the quality and price are affordable, I will proceed to monthly imports in larger quantities. I want to use cartons, in each container with moisture-resistant bags to ensure that the product when packaged is breathable, not dampened leading to damage, darkening, and crushing during transportation, and can be successfully imported to Saudi Arabia. The weight of the product in each barrel is 15kg. I look forward to being quoted specifically to Riyadh airport, Saudi Arabia. I will be signing a long-term contract to expand the size of the company, so I very much hope to be able to quickly find a reputable and suitable supplier to fulfill this order".

Mr. Sarfraz expressed his trust and was very hopeful that, with the help of VIETGO, he would soon be able to successfully connect with the supplier in accordance with the goodwill of long-term cooperation, and trust. Through the serious attitude of asking for purchases and the positive goodwill of cooperation that Mr. Sarfraz brings, VIETGO believes that this will be good order, the beginning of new and potential business relationships for suppliers from different markets around the world.

With the above sharing, Mr. Sarfraz is eager to receive feedback on the competitive price from VIETGO's suppliers. Hence, the suppliers who are interested in the customer's limes import order please contact and quote with him at the contact information address below:



Mr. Sarfraz ██████

Mob/Whatsapp: +966 5██████████

Email: █████████████@hotmail.com

Company: ██████████████████ ██████ Trading Co.

Address: ██████, Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia



Order code: A230622 – NTTD – NTN2




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