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The commercial affair to export wooden bowls to the Italian market

23/06/2022 | 10:40:54

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VIETGO would like to send you information about an order of wooden bowls from a potential customer, Mr. Nicolino.

The commercial affair to export wooden bowls to the Italian market


VIETGO would like to send you information about an order of wooden bowls from a potential customer, Mr. Nicolino.


Mr. Nicolino, an Italian customer, has contacted VIETGO to find a supplier of wood bowls for his company's project.


Product details:



Quantities: 1000 pieces

(if the quality is guaranteed and the price is competitive, the customer will import as often as every two months)

Wood types: faux acajen or acacia wood


Small bowl: 13cm x 6cm

Medium bowl: 16cm x 6.8cm

Logo: Supplier please refer to the logo image provided by the customer below (logo will be printed on the outside of the bowl)

Photo of logo provided by the customer


 (Supplier can recommend suitable sizes and types of wood for wooden bowls available in his product catalog, please send photos and videos of actual products with quotes)

Quotation methods: FOB, CIF and CNF

Port of discharge: Port of Bari, Italy

Payment methods: L/C and T/T

Photos of the product provided by the customer (note: only logo is printed on the outside of the bowl; the inside of the bowl does not require decoration)


Customer details:


Recently, VIETGO has received a quotation request from Mr. Nicolino - Director and representative of █████████████ - about an order to import wooden bowls for his company's project that is about to be deployed.

Photo of the customer


Spending some time talking with VIETGO, the customer shared: “I am the owner of █████████████ with registered address at ███████████████████ Altamura BA, Italy. My company specializes in the sale of a wide range of products for smokers. As you know, the rate of smokers in Italy is currently the highest in Europe. However, since 2015, the government has introduced measures, considering expanding the law to ban smoking in public places as well as certain areas. With this in mind, I quickly founded a number of clubs for smokers in Italy. Here, you can share everything about your favorite, all the stories and buy everything related to tobacco. My clubs attract large crowds of people of all ages, of course, we still strictly follow the law, do not sell drugs and allow youth under the age of 21 to join the club. Currently, I am planning to start another club in Spain.

Photo of the registered office of the customer company


For this order, I need to find a supplier who can manufacture wooden bowls according to the requirements I have provided above. I do not ask too specifically about wood material as well as size, suppliers can suggest suitable sizes and types of wood, we will agree in more detail when working directly with each other. The wooden bowl product we will use as a gift for orders or for loyal customers, so I need the outside of the bowl to have our logo printed on it. According to the introduction, I know that VIETGO is a prestigious address that gathers thousands of suppliers from many potential countries with abundant and high quality wood material reserves as well as modern production lines. We look forward to receiving the most competitive quotes from you soon. In addition to managing and running clubs, I also work at a furniture company in Italy. As a result, I may not immediately respond to incoming messages from the provider. However, I will try to answer as quickly as possible”.


Through the serious buying attitude and positive cooperation intention of the customer, VIETGO believes that this will be an order that promises to bring a good cooperative business relationship, not only for businesses that own good supply capacity in Vietnam in particular, but also for businesses around the world in general.


Through chatting and sharing, VIETGO realizes the potential as well as the goodwill of this customer to cooperate with enterprises. Any suppliers who can meet Mr. Nicolino’s order please contact him via the contact information provided below.


Contact information of the customer:


Mr. Nicolino ███████████

Company name: █████████████

Company address: ███████████████████ ████████ BA, Italy

Email: █████████████████@icloud.com

Whatsapp: +39█████████████

National: Italy


We wish you a successful and smooth transaction!


Order code – B230622 – NHA




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