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Opportunity to export monthly coconut charcoal to the Serbian market

23/06/2022 | 09:53:26

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VIETGO would like to send to suppliers a coconut charcoal order of Mr. Milosavljevic from Serbia, a European country.

Opportunity to export monthly coconut charcoal to the Serbian market

VIETGO would like to send to suppliers a coconut charcoal order of Mr. Milosavljevic from Serbia, a European country.

Mr. Milosavljevic is currently looking for a supplier who can fulfill an order of coconut charcoal for his business.

Previously in September 2021, Mr. Milosavljevic contacted VIETGO to find a supplier for charcoal. Currently, due to the continuously increasing demand for energy in the European market, Mr. Milosavljevic wishes to quickly Quickly find the right supplier to meet customer requirements.

Here are the order details:

Product name: Coconut shell charcoal

Quantity: 1 40ft container for first import

(then the customer will regularly import 500 tons per month)


Suppliers please refer to the specifications below (approved by the customer)

Size: 4x8 or 6x10 (cm)

Humidity: Up to 10%

Ash: < 5%

Carbon content: > 75%

Burning time: 2-4 hours

Packing method: Packed in big sacks

(The customer will discuss details with the supplier)

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharging: Bar, Montenegro

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration


Customer information:

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Mr. Milosavljevic about an import order of coconut charcoal for his company's business project.

Photo of the customer

Mr. Milosavljevic is a Serbian businessman. About Serbia, this is a country located in Southeast Europe, landlocked, adjacent to neighboring countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania... That's also the reason why Mr. Milosavljevic chose the port of Bar in Montenegro for this shipment. Mr. Milosavljevic himself is a very friendly customer. He happily shares about his life and current work.

Mr. Milosavljevic is a very experienced person in the field of import and export. Currently, he is the CEO of ██████████████ █████████, which specializes in distributing high-quality coal to the European market and neighboring regions. According to the customer's share, currently European countries are reducing the demand of using coal, but instead are using clean and environmentally friendly fuels such as coconut charcoal, bamboo charcoal, etc. Although coal is an important source of raw materials, coal is also one of the causes of climate change. Air pollution from burning coal directly damages human health. As a result, clean fuel sources are increasingly popular. Recognizing this transformation early, ██████████████ █████████ company is one of the market leaders, pioneering in the distribution of clean energy sources into the European market.

██████████████ █████████ has partners in many countries around the world. To meet the needs of the market, the company has actively sought fuel sources from different regions. Mr. Milosavljevic shared: “Currently, we are looking to Asia, especially Southeast Asia to look for potential partners for the company. We are very interested in markets such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam... because the price is reasonable, the product quality is also quite good”.

Below is the bill of lading of coconut charcoal products that the company imported from the Malaysian market on May 1, 2019.

Photo of the bill of lading

For this order, Mr. Milosavljevic wants to buy a 40ft container of coconut charcoal from a reputable supplier that can meet the product quality requirements set by his company. If he gets a good quote, he will import 500 tons per month.

Mr. Milosavljevic hopes that through VIETGO, he can soon find a suitable supplier. Suppliers who can meet Mr. Milosavljevic's order please contact and quote him as soon as possible according to the information below:


Contact information:

Mr. Goran █████████████

Company: ██████████████ █████████

Email: ██████████████████████@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +381██████████

Address: ██████████ - ██████████████████ █████████ Belgrade Serbia

Nationality: Serbian


VIETGO wishes you another successful business!


Order number: A230622-NTT   


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