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A South African partner needs to import jackets

23/06/2022 | 09:37:44

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VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an order of jackets from a South African customer, Ms. Fahiema.

A South African partner needs to import jackets

VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an order of jackets from a South African customer, Ms. Fahiema.

Ms. Fahiema is urgently looking for a supplier who can fulfill her jacket order for her business in South Africa.

Here are the order details:

Product name: Jacket

Quantities: 5,000 pcs (if good quotation is received)

Requirements: For men and women

Material: The outer layer is made of nylon or polyester material with light water resistance, the inner layer of cotton ceiling creates a good insulation, keeping warm.

Design: The jacket has a basic design with a hood, a light hug, comfortable to use

Colors: White, blue, brown, gray

Sizes: S-5XL

Packaging method: According to the manufacturer's standard

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method: T/T

Product illustrations

Customer information:

Photo of the customer

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Ms. Fahiema about an import order of jackets for her business in the South African market.

Ms. Fahiema is a loyal customer of VIETGO, she had previously contacted us to find a supplier for her underwear order. In this cooperation, Ms. Fahiema wishes to find a suitable jacket supplier.

Sharing with us about this order, Ms. Fahiema said: “In South Africa, I opened a fashion store for women. Currently, we are focusing on promoting underwear products to meet the needs of customers in South Africa. In addition, currently the weather is quite cold in South Africa, the demand for winter clothes is increasing, I want to import more winter coats on this occasion to serve my customers. If I receive a good quote and the product meets the set requirements, I would like to have a long-term cooperation with the supplier for the next import project. In the near future, in addition to underwear and coats, I want to expand my business portfolio to other fashion clothes such as dresses, clothes, accessories for men and women. Right now, the business is quite effective, so I want to quickly expand the business scope and optimize profits”.

It is known that Ms. Fahiema is an experienced trader who has been operating in the fashion industry for many years. Previously, she often imported goods from domestic suppliers. Due to some objective factors from the market, Ms. Fahiema decided to expand the scope of imports, looking forward to cooperating with international partners to ensure a diversified supply source for her products. Ms. Fahiema said that fashion business in this period is not easy because people's incomes have decreased after a long time of raging epidemic, seriously affecting the global economy. Consumers have the mentality of tightening spending on non-essential goods. Therefore, she is looking for a source of fashion products with competitive prices to implement many discount programs and incentives to attract new customers. Currently, Ms. Fahiema flexibly combines direct sales and online business. However, she still prefers online sales because this type of business has many outstanding advantages, high accessibility to customers, and savings in operating costs. In the near future, she plans to open a number of sales pages on social networking platforms to reach more customers.

The customer is a person who promotes prestige in the business, the products that she distributes are always carefully checked for quality. About this order, the customer wants the partner to provide honest pictures, videos, and product parameters so that she can rest assured to order as soon as possible.

Through the conversation, VIETGO realized that Ms. Fahiema is a customer with a serious working attitude and high cooperative spirit. Currently, the customer is looking forward to receiveing early quotes from potential partners. Suppliers who can meet Ms. Fahiema's order, please contact and quote her price as soon as possible according to the information below:


Contact information:

Ms. Fahiema █████

Email: █████████████@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +27 ███████████

Nationality: South African


VIETGO wishes you another successful business!


Order number: A230622-NTT  


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