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Opportunity to export fresh coconut to the South Korean market

23/06/2022 | 14:23:46

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Mr. Choi - a potential customer from South Korea - contacted VIETGO with the desire to find a supplier for a fresh coconut order for his company's business.

Opportunity to export fresh coconut to the South Korean market

Mr. Choi - a potential customer from South Korea - contacted VIETGO with the desire to find a supplier for a fresh coconut order for his company's business.

Detailed information about fresh coconut products that the customer needs to import to the South Korean market, please send to the suppliers as follows:


Product Type: Diamond Young Coconut


Good quality coconut, natural taste, no preservatives, no stamping, broken

Quantity: 1 20ft container

The customer will import monthly if the product quality and price are reasonable

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Busan Port, South Korea

Payment method: The customer wants to discuss more with the suppliers after receiving the quote


Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration


Information about the customer:

Mr. Choi - representative of ██████████████, INC. is currently looking for a potential supplier for fresh coconut products to import into the South Korean market.

Photo of the customer

Photo of the customer's business card

Photo of the customer company’s website

Photos of some business activities of the customer company

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in 

██████████████, INC. was established in 2015, the company specializing in supplying and trading fresh fruit has made efforts to provide good quality products at good prices, contributing to making the market price of fresh fruit stable. The company is currently covering with a network of branches around the world, so that customers can access the company's branded products from many different regions of the world easily and quickly. The company currently also owns 3 large warehouse systems in South Korea, in order to provide products to consumers in a way that ensures the best possible freshness and quality.

Realizing the great potential and demand for coconuts in all markets, Mr. Choi contacted VIETGO to find a reliable partner for fresh coconut products. He said that if the products have good quality and competitive price as well as bring good revenue, he will carry out regular and long-term import.

Mr. Choi shared: “Realizing that the situation of imported fruit is very developing and will be a trend in South Korea, I want to import coconut, which is very popular here. Fresh coconuts imported to fastidious markets like South Korea must comply with the general requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables. Mandatory requirements can be mentioned such as ensuring the absence of pesticide residues and contaminants, ensuring export quality standards, and packaging and handling fresh coconuts to consumers. The coconut is relatively well protected by its own shell, making it less susceptible to pests and diseases. This is also the reason why I chose to do business when I first entered the fruit import and export market. Due to quality control and consumer taste testing, my order is a bit urgent. If this order is successful, I hope to continue to cooperate with the supplier as well as look forward to a long-term business relationship in the next projects. Since this is the first time we import fruit, I hope to receive advice on packaging methods, shipping methods and product prices from the supplier so that the order can be completed quickly and conveniently. Besides coconut, we also have the need to import some other fruits after the above order from the Asian market to serve the company's upcoming business activities and aim to build a prestigious brand leading in the South Korean market in particular and many countries in the world in general”.

Through the above conversation and sharing, VIETGO has realized that Mr. Choi was a friendly and potential customer when he expressed his desire to cooperate with the company for a long time not only in this order but also in other orders. next imports in the near future.

Photos of some distribution centers of the customer company

Photos of the customer company's network of activities

Photo of the customer company‘s brand partners 

Hence, to ensure the order goes smoothly, suppliers, please quote Mr. Choi early through the contact information below.


Mr. Choi

Company: ██████████████, INC

Company website: http://www.████████████/eng/

Email of the customer:█████████████@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +82 ████████████

Country: South Korea


Order number: B220622 – DDT - NTN2


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