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Opportunity to cooperate with a business in for cashew nut orders

23/06/2022 | 09:32:25

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Phong - a customer representing a large company in Denmark with a representative office in Vietnam.

Opportunity to cooperate with a business in for cashew nut orders

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Phong - a customer representing a large company in Denmark with a representative office in Vietnam.

Currently, he is in need of finding a reputable supplier to be able to conduct regular import orders to Denmark and has a goodwill to cooperate with the company for a long time in the next import orders.

Detailed information about cashew nuts products that the customer needs to import to the Danish market, please send to the suppliers as follows:


Type: White cashew nuts W320

Color: Natural


Good quality cashews, cleaned, high uniformity, natural color and flavor, not broken, not moldy, damaged

Quantity: 1 20ft container

The customer will import large monthly if the product has good quality and reasonable price

Packaging: According to the suppliers’ suggestion

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method: T/T

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration


Customer details:

Mr. Phong – Purchasing Officer of ██████████ Supply A/S company, with headquarter in Denmark and representative office in Vietnam, is currently looking for a potential supplier for long-term cooperation for cashew nut products.

Photo of the customer

Photo of the customer's business card

Photo of the customer company’s business card

Photo of the customer company's website

In recent years, Denmark has always been seen as a potential market for traders from all over the world. Thanks to the large purchasing power, the average income of the people is high, which has promoted the consumption of goods in large quantities. As a seasoned trader, the customer company quickly achieved certain successes from the very beginning. Through talking with VIETGO, ██████████ Supply A/S company expressed its appreciation for all kinds of products in Vietnam in particular and throughout Asia in general. The products in this area have always been enthusiastically received by his customers due to their good quality and reasonable prices.

Through an exchange with VIETGO, the customer further shared: “██████████ Supply A/S is a unique combination of experience and knowledge about European culture, taste and tradition. We know what customers are looking for and from which suppliers so we can find the right products, production methods and prices. We are also happy to point out alternative providers and assist in setting up partnership agreements. We buy all over Asia and mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and China. We have offices in several locations in Asia and regularly visit our manufacturers to ensure that the working conditions are suitable and that the actual production of the goods is satisfactory and comply with our CRS policy. We strive to purchase materials exclusively from suppliers that have been approved through at least one of the following certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, BSCI, FSSC 22000, GFSI & KRAV. Currently the company has several representative offices in Asia and I am currently taking the position of purchasing officer for the company's representative office in Vietnam. Not only cashew nuts, we are also looking for suppliers for some other products such as: canned fruits, cinnamon, anise, rice. We will import 1 container 20ft into the Danish market to meet the company's business activities there. If the product has a reasonable price and meets the quality standards, we will import it monthly and aim for a long-term cooperation relationship. With the goal of expanding the field and business scale of the company, we aim to further expand the supply from many different countries to ensure the supply and distribution of a variety of products with good quality. most to the consumer. Therefore, contacting VIETGO, we hope and believe that the company can help us find potential, experienced and good suppliers so that all processes can be performed favorably”.

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

Photos of some business activities of the customercompany

Hence, if any supplier can meet Mr. Phong's requirements, please contact him via the contact address below:

Mr. Phong

Company: ██████████ Supply A/S

Company website: http://███████████████.dk/

Email of the customer's company: sourcing@███████████████.dk

Email of customer: Phong.██████@███████████████.dk

Zalo: 079███████

Nationality: Vietnamese

Country: Denmark


Order number: A220622 – DDT - NTN2


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