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Opportunity to cooperate with an Italian trader for the coffee export order

22/06/2022 | 15:26:58

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Mrs. Valeria, a customer from Italy, is looking for a supplier of green coffee products to import into the Chinese market.

Opportunity to cooperate with an Italian trader for the coffee export order

Mrs. Valeria, a customer from Italy, is looking for a supplier of green coffee products to import into the Chinese market.

Detailed information about green coffee products would like to be sent to you as follows:


Coffee types: Robusta and Arabica coffee

Product requirements:

Cleaned coffee, good quality, natural scent and color, no impurities, no worms, mold

Screen sizes: 16-18

Quantities: 1,000 tons/month

The customer will import within 1 year if the quality and price are reasonable

Quality: Type 4

Packaging: 25kg/jute bag

Specifications requirements:

Acid content: 10%

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Main port in China

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Detailed information about the customer:

Mrs. Valeria - Purchasing Director of ██████████████████ – has contacted and expected VIETGO to find a coffee supplier for her company's orders in the Chinese market.

Customer photo

Photo of the customer's business card

██████████████████ was founded in 2017, so far, the company has been operating for more than 4 years, it is a trading company headquartered in Sassuolo, ItalyOver the years of operation, the company has made certain strides and established a solid foundation for the company's development steps. Currently, the company is mainly selling food products. With the goal of expanding its customer network, ██████████████████ is trying to open more different facilities around the world to be able to bring its products to many countries around the world. It is known that coffee is a popular product worldwide, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) maintains its estimate of total global coffee production in the 2020-2021 season at 169.6 million bags. It brings high growth potential to ██████████████████, so coffee is the preferred product in the list of potential products to expand the company's scale.

Speaking to VIETGO, Mrs. Valeria said: "We have experience in manufacturing and trading food items, we have brought our products around the world and have achieved certain successes. We decided not to stop winning, to continue expanding our business into other areas, and coffee was the first product I thought of because I myself was an enthusiast of the great taste of coffee. However, this is a new business area and needs to focus on many steps, so we always emphasize establishing solid, long-term commercial, financial, and business relationships with all suppliers and partners around the world. Therefore, we are always serious about choosing suppliers to be able to create a close, sustainable relationship later. In this coffee order, we look forward to finding a supplier with good quality coffee products with the amount of 1,000 tons of type 4 quality for both Robusta and Arabica coffees to be able to cooperate long-term in the near future. In the product reaches about 10%. I want the product to be packaged in jute bags to make sure the product does not rot during transportation. This is a big order because China is a country with the largest population in the world, so the amount of food consumed here is always showing no signs of abating. We will plan to import within 1 year in the amount of about 12,000 tons. I believe this is an attractive order to be able to sign a long-term contract".

Photo of the customer company

Photos of the products that the customer company is currently trading in

The customer also expressed her trust and was very hopeful that, with the help of VIETGO, she would soon be able to successfully connect with the supplier in accordance with the goodwill of long-term cooperation, and trust.

With the above sharing, Mrs. Valeria is looking forward to receiving feedback on the competitive price from VIETGO's suppliers. Hence, the suppliers who are interested in the customer's coffee import order please contact and quote with her at the contact information address below:


Mrs. Valeria █████████

Company: ██████████████████

Whatsapp: +39█████████████

Address: ████████, Italy

Email: ████████████████@gmail.com

Nationality: Italy

Country: China


Order code: A220622 – NTTD - NTN2








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