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The deal to export animal feed to Saudi Arabia and Georgia

22/06/2022 | 15:11:48

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Ghuru about the order to import animal feed.

The deal to export animal feed to Saudi Arabia and Georgia

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Ghuru about the order to import animal feed.

Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to be able to carry out regular import orders to Saudi Arabia and Georgia. Here are the order details:

Order details:



Types: Wheat bran, soybeans and soybean meal

Order 1:

Product: Wheat bran


Dried Wheat Bran, Grade A Quality, Non-GMO

Forms: Powder or flake

Moisture: 12% max

Crude Protein: 15% min

Raw Ash: 6% min

Crude fiber: 15% min

Product specifications photo of wheat bran provided by the customer

Packaging: Bran is transported in containers or in sacks

Quantities: 100,000 tons 

The customer will import within 12 months

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Dammam Port, Saudi Arabia

Payment method: L/C

Illustrations of wheat bran

Product packaging illustration


Order 2:

Products: Soybean and soybean meal

Type: Non-GMO soybeans, good quality, not moldy

Packaging: According to the supplier's suggestion

Quantities: 12,500 tons/month

The customer will import within 12 months

Port of discharge: Port of Poti, Georgia

Payment method: L/C


Illustrations of soybean and soybean meal


Customer details:

Mr. Ghuru, a customer from Bahrain, Manager of ██████████ ████████ Group (███), contacted VIETGO to discuss an order to import animal feed and wanted to have long-term cooperation with the company in the next import orders.

Customer photo

Photo of the customer's business card

Photo of the customer company’s website

███is the abbreviation of ██████████ ███████████████ Group, the name representing a relatively large city in Bahrain, in which the first branch was established in 1985. The company started with 3 employees with an initial vision to create a modern pharmacy customer experience, and become closer to the consumer. ███ is a market leading wholesale and retail company of pharmaceuticals and beauty products, supplying and distributing a wide range of internationally renowned brands. Since its founding in 1985, the Group has developed a substantial chain of stores, strategically located to provide convenience to both customers and healthcare institutions. With more than 200 employees, ███ has a solid infrastructure that oversees the operations of 17 stores spread across Bahrain, including in-house pharmacies. “We strongly believe that our success is an equation derived from the trust of our employees, customers, communities, suppliers and insurers. In fact, we consider them all our important partners, that's why we work hard to manage their expectations to maintain long-term trust. In 1991, we relocated the Pharmacy store in Hamad town to High Street in Isa town. Two years later, the company's first warehouse was established to meet the growing needs of customers. ███ also gained the trust of Ibn Al Nafees Hospital to open a branch at the hospital in 2007. Then, in 2010, we also gained the trust of Dar Al Hayat Clinic, to open a branch. represents the company's operational excellence. With growing demand and higher demands for logistics excellence, a second and larger warehouse was developed at Jid Hafs in 2013. ████strives to ensure the highest standards of quality storage and capacity building of the storage area, that is why many projects have been carried out to develop the largest pharmaceutical warehouse in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with an area of over 7,600 square meters. Nearly 40 years in the industry, ███ is proud of the long-term and solid partnerships that have been developed with some of the best private hospitals and polyclinics in Bahrain”, said Mr. Ghuru.

During the entire operation since its establishment, ███ prides itself on providing products and services that create the best results for customers both at home and abroad. The company always wants to develop its employees so that they always possess the knowledge and experience that benefits customers every day. As a result, the company has established specific and effective goals, such as a well-built and transparent sales and purchase system as well as a technology-supported quality management system. In the process of mining, production and processing, the company also uses modern machinery, equipment and software to improve operations and working processes. Sharing with VIETGO, the customer also said: “Besides working at ███ Group, I also participate in the import and export business as an intermediary, helping partners and customers find suppliers from all over the world. Recently, I have received a number of orders to import animal feed, specifically wheat bran, soybeans and soybean meal from partners in Saudi Arabia and Georgia. Through the exchange, we are very honored to cooperate with your company. We can work together for many other products, not just for animal feed as I regularly receive annual import orders from my clients for agricultural products. I hope to be able to build strong relationships with my suppliers to help me source good quality from established brands, and at the same time provide us with competitive prices for Quality products and timely delivery. Therefore, we hope to receive a quote from the suppliers soon so that we can discuss more about the order as well as the appropriate packaging method".

Photo of the customer company

Photo of the customer company's store

Photos of some of the customer company's partners 

Photos of some events that the customer company has attended


Hence, any supplier who can meet Mr. Ghuru's requirements, please contact and quote him via the contact information below:


Mr. Ghuru

Company: ██████████ ████████

Website: https://www████████.bh/


Mob/Whatsapp: +973 █████████

Nationality: Bahrain

Countries: Saudi Arabia and Georgia


Order number: A220622– NTN2



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