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A loyal customer of Vietgo from Costa Rica is looking for a partner to purchase goods in Vietnam

22/06/2022 | 12:07:28

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A loyal customer of VIETGO for many years, Mr. Alonso is currently looking for a partner to help him buy goods in Vietnam.

A loyal customer of Vietgo from Costa Rica is looking for a partner to purchase goods in Vietnam

A loyal customer of VIETGO for many years, Mr. Alonso is currently looking for a partner to help him buy goods in Vietnam.

Customer details                                   

Mr. Alonso is a loyal customer of VIETGO, he has contacted Vietgo many times with the hope that VIETGO can help him connect with suppliers for many different products such as polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts, black charcoal, vegetable oil, A4 paper, etc.

As a representative of ████████████ █████████, Mr. Alonso said he has more than 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of products to the regional market and to the international market. ████████████ █████████ is a company that mainly imports garments. His company helps its partners as well as customers to find the right supplier for the order they give in the shortest time. The company started with its main headquarter in Costa Rica. After many years of operation since its founding, the company has gradually established itself as one of the leading enterprises in the region, managing the highest quality standards in the worldwide market and contributing to major changes for the economy in Latin America.

Image of the customer

Image of the customer's business card

 Image of the customer's company website

Images of some products that the client's company is currently trading in

Through creative and steady innovation, the company has provided customers from all over the world with quality and profitability in all its services and products. As a unique and original identity, the company sums up its vision in one sentence: "Create style in the world". For many years of operation, the company strives to achieve its strategies and goals, each day getting closer to make their vision become reality. Therefore, ████████████ █████████ constantly strives to innovate its business product portfolios, providing a variety of best options for customers to meet expectations and satisfy consumers' needs.

Image of Mr. Alonso and Director of VIETGO - Mr. Nguyen Tuan Viet during business trips in Hanoi

Mr. Alonso started contacting VIETGO from the early days of August 2017 to exchange and find suppliers for his large orders. Through the conversations, VIETGO found him to be a very professional and potential partner and introduced him to many suppliers for his large orders. This Costa Rican customer also had many business trips to Vietnam between the end of 2017 and the middle of 2018. Through these trips, he met many suppliers and ordered goods from some providers by VIETGO introduction.

Image of a customer visiting a garment factory and meeting some of VIETGO's suppliers

Mr. Alonso is currently expanding the company into global commercial activities when he has many partners who are corporations and large companies not only in the domestic market but also in major countries around the world such as the US and Europe.

Below are images of some bills of lading of the customer's successful import shipments:

Bill of lading for importing Slipper from China to Guatemala on February 10, 2021

Bill of lading for importing tie from China to San Salvador on March 1, 2021

Bill of lading for importing fabrics from China to Costa Rica on February 25, 2021

Bill of lading for importing T-shirt from China to Panama on October 29, 2020

Bill of lading for importing plastic bottles from China to Guatemala on December 22, 2020

Due to the need to expand the business scale, the client is looking for a partner in Vietnam who can help him find sources of goods, purchase products, supervise and censor goods quality and handle other issue in Vietnam.

Below are investment details from Mr. Alonso:

1. Investment form: Looking for a partner to act as a purchasing representative for the company in Vietnam

2. Investment field: Multi-sector, mainly textile products

3. Products to focus on: Polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, jeans, underwear, pocket handkerchiefs, caps, children's clothes, cloth bags, plastic cups, paper dishes, black charcoal, A4 paper, dragon fruit...

4. Consumption market: Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA, Spain and other countries in the world

5. Implementation time: Investors want to deploy immediately

6. Investment country: Vietnam

7. Objects of cooperation: Vietnamese people, have diverse knowledge of products, have the ability to source goods, love international trade, understand the import-export process

8. Frequency of importing goods: Customers have large, regular and long-term orders

So, any supplier that can meet the contents of Mr. Alonso, please contact the customer through the information below.

VIETGO wishes you a successful cooperation deal!

Mr. Alonso ███████████

Company: ████████████ █████████

Address: ████████████████████████████ ███████████ zone ████████ 

Website: http://www██████████com/

Email: ████████████████com

Mob/Whatsapp: +506 █████████                           

Nationality: Costa Rica


Order code: A22062022-HTBD