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Nepalese partner plans to import 100,000 paper baking cups

21/06/2022 | 18:17:34

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the paper cup order from a potential customer, Mr. Sanish.

Nepalese partner plans to import 100,000 paper baking cups

Mr. Sanish currently has a business project of cakes and cupcakes, so he contacted VIETGO with the hope that VIETGO will help him find the right supplier for this paper cup order.

Product details:

Product name: Paper cup

Quantity: 100,000 pieces every 2 months

Customer will import larger quantity monthly if the quality is good

Purpose of use: Hold cupcakes

Color: Multicolor

Suppliers can quote more different sizes

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method:

Customer will discuss more with suppliers

Product illustrations

Photo of specification

Customer information:

To make a delicious cupcake, the selection of fresh ingredients and processing is very meticulous and perfect. In addition to choosing fresh ingredients, decorating the cake with cupcake paper cups is also very important. Cupcake paper cups with different sizes are always the trusted choice of bakers. Cupcake paper cups have a different appearance from regular cups, they will have stripes extending from the top of the cup to the bottom. Such convex ridges will form 3d flowers with tiny petals after baking. This is also the current request of Mr. Sanish, a Nepali customer who recently contacted VIETGO and discussed his project.

Image of the customer's business card

Photo of the customer's bakery

Pictures of some cakes Mr. Sanish is selling

Mr. Sanish is the owner of a large bakery in Nepal c███████████████████████████████ In 1991, a 16-year-old boy, Mr. Sanish began his journey by taking his first steps towards independence and starting a business with a brick oven. Today, he has opened his own shop to produce high quality bakery and food products. His main products are designed and creative cakes with many different colors and shapes. In addition to cakes, his shop also makes bread and donuts with recipes for himself to research and make. He said he has been in the baking profession for a long time and has drawn a lot of experience for himself. All kinds of cakes are suitable for consumers' taste and always ensure the quality as well as food safety and hygiene.

Mr. Sanish shared that he is currently preparing to make cupcakes according to a new design, so he contacted VIETGO to find a suitable supplier. Compared with plastic cups, glass cups, cupcake paper cups are the best choice for holding cupcakes. Because at high temperatures in toasters, microwaves, plastic cups and glass cups cannot guarantee usability, so paper cups are the best choice.

Mr. Sanish said that if the business situation is favorable, he will import in larger quantities. Therefore, any suppliers who are able to fulfill orders for Mr. Sanish, please contact and quote him soon via the contact information below.

VIETGO wishes you a successful business!

Customer contact information:

Mr. Sanish

WhatsApp: +977 984-███████

Company: Shree Ga████████████████g

Email: ███████████mail.com

Nationality: Indian

Order number: B210622 - PNKH










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