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The deal to export black pepper powder to the Ukraine market

21/06/2022 | 17:49:27

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Ms. Kateryna - a customer from Ukraine about an order to import black pepper powder.

The deal to export black pepper powder to the Ukraine market

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Ms. Kateryna - a customer from Ukraine about an order to import black pepper powder.

Currently, she is in need of finding a reputable supplier so that she can conduct regular import orders to the domestic market. Here are the order details:

Order details:


Type: 550g/l FAQ


Moisture: 12% max

Impurities: 0.1% max

Particle size: 30-60 mesh

The product parameter photo has been approved by the customer

Good quality black pepper powder, not moldy or damaged

Packaging: According to the supplier's suggestion

Quantity: 1 40ft container for trial

Then the customer will import monthly if the quality and price are suitable

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method: T/T

Product photos provided by the customer

Customer details:

Ms. Kateryna, a representative of ███████████-Pro LLC, contacted VIETGO to discuss an order to import black pepper powder with the hope of having long-term cooperation with the company in the next import orders.

Customer photo

Photo of the customer company’s website

███████████-Pro LLC is an import company that has been actively growing since 2005. The company helps each partner earn more money and develop a new business. The company's product range includes office chairs, home furniture, TV stands, entertainment products, food and beverage distribution from global manufacturers. The company's headquarters are located in Kyiv and a second office in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. The company offers brand owners and suppliers a full range around the Ukrainian market. The goal of the company is to create a unique brand strategy to achieve the best results in the market. Ukraine is an Eastern European country with a total population of 42.5 million people. In 2017, the GDP (PPP) per capita ratio reached $8,667. Therefore, the potential for ███████████-Pro to develop and promote its customer base in the domestic market is enormous. Besides, the company also operates 2 main warehouses in Kiev with a total area of 2000m2 and at Strii with an area of 1000m2 to store the annual volume of imported goods. In addition, the company also hires logistics companies for immediate shipping services as well as owns 15 cargo trucks for quick and timely delivery to customers. Through our research, we also learned that 40% of the company's revenue is generated by customers including wholesalers, Horeca (restaurants, hotels and cafes) and regional distributors. Among them, the company specifically organizes two separate high-capacity divisions that manage the supply and support of 5000 Horeca and 40 wholesale customers. Commodity products are being supplied and distributed by the company every day in the territory of Ukraine.

“Every year, E-Commerce platforms account for a larger share of the sales flow showing the dynamic growth and continued evolution of online distribution. We have been a partner with the leading Ukrainian e-commerce platform “Rozetka” for a long time and now it accounts for 30 million visitors in UA every month. Furthermore, the top 5 largest retail chains in Ukraine are developing e-stores that support the global trend of e-commerce. Our company never stands still, every day we are always looking for new, interesting and useful products and offers to keep up with the times. Our team is an engine of constant development. We are not just a collection of disparate people, but a single organization focused on growth and success. By starting to work with us, you can be sure of productive and mutually beneficial work. In addition to our long experience in the industry, we also have great advantages compared to other competitors in the domestic and international markets such as: we have been working in the market for 15 years and have never let disappointed effect; regular updating of the scope taking into account the needs of the partners; free shipping in Ukraine; Single RRC for all sales channels; attractive payment terms for goods, with a discount system for familiar customers; product quality guarantee from 3 to 24 months; marketing support as well as service department support, etc.

Photo of the customer company's personnel information

Photo of some of the customer company's partners 

Currently, we are in need of importing black pepper powder to serve the company's business activities in the domestic market. We will import 1 40ft container for the product to check the quality before moving to a long-term cooperation. If the product is of good quality and at a reasonable price, the company will consider importing a larger quantity when the business returns good results and profits. With nearly 20 years of operation in the business field as well as many years of doing import and export, we have also successfully conducted many import and export orders from different countries around the world. Specifically, we used to trade and import sauces from Asia and America, mainly China and the United States. For spices, this is the first time we import from the outside market. Therefore, I also hope that VIETGO can help us find potential, experienced and good suppliers so that all import processes can be carried out quickly and conveniently”, said Ms. Kateryna.

Through the conversation, VIETGO believes that with many years of knowledge and experience in the field of distribution, import and export consulting, Ms. Kateryna will bring suppliers attractive business opportunities and achieve many results. good. As a friendly and smart customer, in addition to the order to import black pepper powder, Ms. Kateryna also expressed her goodwill to cooperate with VIETGO to find suppliers for other spices in the near future. 

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

Hence, the suppliers who can meet Miss Kateryna's requirements, please contact and quote her via the contact information below:


Ms. Kateryna

Company: ███████████-Pro LLC

Website: https://██████████████████/uk/

Email: ███████████████@gmail.com

Mob/Whatsapp: +380████████████

Country: Ukraine

Order number: C210622 – NTN2



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