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Opportunity to export marble to the UAE market

14/05/2022 | 13:07:47

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Mr. Najem is currently looking for a supplier for his marble import order to the UAE market to serve his company's business.

Opportunity to export marble to the UAE market

Mr. Najem is currently looking for a supplier for his marble import order to the UAE market to serve his company's business.

Order details


Quantity: 2 20ft container

Size: 60x60cm

Thickness: 2cm

Requirements: White, no grain, polished

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Rashid, Dubai, UAE

Payment method: The customer will discuss with suppliers after receiving quotation

Product illustrations


Customer details:

The suppliers that can meet the above order and are willing to cooperate please contact the customer through the details below:

Recently, VIETGO has received a contact from Mr. Najem, a customer from the UAE, discussing his desire to find a supplier for an order to import 2 20ft containers of marble to serve his company's business needs. The customer has submitted a detailed request for the product and is eager to receive a quote from the supplier so that he can discuss more the payment method for this order, to fulfill the order soon.

Photo of the customer's business card

Photos of some projects of the customer’s company

Photos of some products the customer company is trading in

Currently, Mr. Najem is a Director at█████████████████ company with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Sharing about his company, Mr. Najem said his company is one of the leading companies in the UAE market specializing in providing marble, granite, and quartz stone products. In addition to providing customers in the domestic market, his company also provides customers in the international market.

“It is our pride to offer a wide range of premium granite products of the highest class, exceptional service and timely execution, to the satisfaction of our customers. Our exceptional and groundbreaking problem-solving capabilities help our customers achieve the best results, so we have a huge network of satisfied customers around the world. My company offers a wide variety of natural stones including marble, granite, sandstone and quartz. Today, we are dealing with natural stone and pride ourselves on being an outstanding brand in the market in terms of quality, workmanship and customizability, and invest regularly in our manufacturing and most advanced technology. Our stones are supplied for residential, commercial and landscape projects in most parts of the world”.

Talking about this order, the customer said: "Currently, to serve the increasingly demanding needs of customers, we are making efforts to expand and diversify our product portfolio. First, we want to expand our product suppliers. It is known that VIETGO is a place to connect with many potential suppliers in the Asian market, especially in the Vietnamese market. Contacting VIETGO this time, we hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with suppliers here soon. If this order is successful, we will increase the number of imports the next time and move towards a long-term cooperation relationship with the supplier”.

Through the conversation, VIETGO realizes that this is a potential customer, promising to bring good cooperation relationships to suppliers. Hence, the suppliers who can meet Mr. Najem's requirements, please contact him via the contact address below.

VIETGO would like to send you the order information and wish you a successful business!


Mr. Najem


Company name: ████████████████

Address: ███████████████████UAE

Email: ███████████████gmail.com

Tel/Whatsapp: +971 ███████████

Country: UAE


Order number: C140522 – DTDL – NTNQ





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