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Cooperation with an Indian enterprise for an order to export green and black tea

14/05/2022 | 13:05:38

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Mr. Singh, a potential customer from India, has sent VIETGO an inquiry to import tea products for his company.

Cooperation with an Indian enterprise for an order to export green and black tea

Detailed information for the suppliers about the tea products that the customer needs to import to the Indian market is as follows:



Product types: Green tea and black tea

Clean whole leaf tea with good quality, no mold and no damage

 Black tea with reddish-brown water, green tea with yellowish or greenish water

Quantities: At least 50 tons for the first import

If the product has good quality and reasonable price, the customer will import it regularly

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Paradip Port, India

Payment method: T/T

Photos of the product provided by the customer

Product packaging illustration


Customer details:

Photo of the customer


Mr. Singh currently operates his own company named ████████ Company. His company is a direct importer and distributor of agricultural products for the Indian market. Recently, Mr. Singh has been looking for suppliers for some types of tea for the company's upcoming business plan. In the conversation with VIETGO about the order, he said: “I am very pleased to work with VIETGO as well as the suppliers. We hope I will soon receive quotations for tea products with the above requirements. Our company has received a large demand for this kind of goods, so the minimum quantity for this order is expected to be 50 tons. After receiving quotations and detailed product information from the suppliers, we will review and come up with an official purchase decision. At the moment, our company is doing some amendment of business information, so I will send some documents and company profile to the suppliers as soon as possible.

Mr. Singh's company deals in a variety of agricultural products, but it focuses on three main products, which are tea, coffee and rice. The company has imported a number of tea and coffee products from Asian countries to serve consumption in India. In addition, Mr. Singh also exports many domestic rice products to many other businesses. The customer company focuses on product quality and price to bring the most benefits to partners as well as create long-term business relationships. Therefore, the company concentrates on the task of exploiting and developing products gradually before diversifying the entire product portfolio.

Mr. Singh is a friendly and proactive customer. He took the time to explain the requirements for tea products to help VIETGO and its suppliers understand the company's import plan. With this order, he hopes he will connect with reputable tea suppliers in Vietnam and Asian countries as well as bring business opportunities for other products. The customer wishes to receive some company information from suppliers along with their quotations to make the discussion process faster and more convenient.

Suppliers who are interested in the customer's order to import tea can contact him with the information below:

Mr. Singh

Mob/WhatsApp: +91 ███████████

Email: █████████████████@█████.com

Company: ████████ Company

Address: Ward ██, ████████████ ████████████████████, ███████, Odisha, India ██████

Country: India



Order number: A140522-PBN


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