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Opportunity to export wheat to the Turkish market

14/05/2022 | 12:06:37

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Aboubaker about the need to find a potential and experienced supplier to import wheat to the Turkish market.

Opportunity to export wheat to the Turkish market

Detailed information about wheat products that the customer needs to import to the Turkish market, please send to the suppliers as follows:



Minimum weight: 78 Kg/HL

Humidity: 12% max

Percentage of broken particles: 6% max

Percentage of seeds damaged: 0.5% max

Protein content: 11.50%

Quantities: 50,000 tons of hard wheat and 100,000 tons of soft wheat/month

The customer will import regularly in large quantities if the product is of good quality and the price is reasonable

Packaging method: Depending on the supplier's suggestion

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Mersin Port, Turkey

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration


Customer details:

Mr. Aboubaker - Director of ██████ ████ ███████ - is currently looking for a supplier of imported wheat products to the Turkish market.

Photos of the customer


Photo of general information of the customer company 

In recent years, the market for wheat consumption has increased, and this agricultural product is not only popular in Europe but also interested by consumers in many different regions of the world. In particular, Turkey, people in this country are very fond of foods rich in nutrients and good for the cardiovascular system. That's why the wheat market in this country has grown steadily in recent years, with its main uses being as ingredients for the production of cereals, baby milk and fast food products. Faced with this opportunity, many traders have noticed this potential market not only for wheat but also many other agricultural products. As a seasoned trader, Mr. Aboubaker certainly cannot ignore this market.

Mr. Aboubaker is currently living and working in Tunisia. He is in urgent need of wheat products for his client's factories in Turkey. With decades of experience, Mr. Aboubaker's company imports products from suppliers in countries around the world, then ships the goods directly to customers or customers can go to the company's warehouse to view and buy goods.

The customer has shared that he himself has many customers everywhere and is always ready to cooperate with potential suppliers around the world. This can be considered a large order, so the customer is very eager to be able to cooperate with a wheat supplier who can supply large quantities, the wheat needs to be of good quality and at a reasonable price to have a long-term cooperation.

Below are photos of 5 bills of lading for export and import of all kinds of goods of the customer company:

Photo of the customer company's bill of lading for exporting noodles from Turkey to Tunisia

Photo of the customer company's bill of lading for importing wheat from Benin to Turkey

Photo of the customer company's bill of lading for importing wheat from Tunisia to Turkey

Photo of the customer company's bill of lading for importing sugar from Tunisia to Turkey

Photo of the customer company's bill of lading for importing garments from Italy to Turkey

Sharing more with VIETGO, the customer also said: “We have worked a few times with partners in Asia and many years of market research in these countries that the agricultural products here have reasonable prices and good quality. Therefore, for this order, we decided to expand cooperation with suppliers in Asia to exploit the potential of these regional countries. We will often import in large quantities, so our company hopes to find a supplier with a reasonable product price to facilitate our next business plans”.

Through the process of working and exchanging orders, VIETGO has realized that Mr. Aboubaker was a friendly, potential and serious customer when he always expressed his goodwill to long-term cooperation with the company. VIETGO believes that Mr. Aboubaker is a very potential customer, bringing good and favorable cooperation opportunities for suppliers.

Hence, the suppliers who can meet Mr. Aboubaker's requirements, please contact the customer via the contact address below:

Mr. Aboubaker

Company: ██████ ████ Company

Email customer: ███████@██████████ and ███████.████████@██████████

WhatsApp: +21████████████

Country: Turkey


Order number: A140522-DDT-NTN2


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