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Opportunity to cooperate with enterprises in Indonesia to export cassava chips to the Chinese market

14/05/2022 | 11:53:10

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Yoseph - a customer from Indonesia about an order to import cassava chips to the Chinese market.

Opportunity to cooperate with enterprises in Indonesia to export cassava chips to the Chinese market

Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to be able to process orders and has a desire to have long-term cooperation with the company and suppliers in the next orders.

Detailed information about cassava chips for exporting to China as follows:



Quantities: 50,000 tons/month

The customer will import for 12 months if the quality is good and the price is reasonable


The product is of good quality, not moldy and low in impurities

Starch content: 67% min

Moisture: 14% max

Fiber: 5% max

Silica: 3% max


The suppliers recommend available packaging methods

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Shenzhen, China

Payment method: T/T or L/C

Photo of product's specification provided by the customer

Product illustrations

Customer details:

Mr. Yoseph is currently the Director of █████████████████████Global, a company that imports and exports all kinds of agricultural products and delivers products to markets around the world. Contacting VIETGO this time, Mr. Yoseph hopes to find a satisfactory supplier for his long-time customer in Korea for cassava chips.

Personal photo of the customer

Photo of the customer's business card

████████████████████ Global is fully supported by the Government to carry out export activities, especially in the commodity sector. Currently, █████████████████████Global has built long-term cooperative relationships with several well-known factories in Indonesia for the processing and marketing of manufactured and non-manufactured products. For the real estate sector, the company has established commercial relations and cooperation agreements for export marketing of commodity products such as coconuts and its extracted products, sweet corn, corn gold for fodder, bamboo straws and other handicrafts. The main goal of ████████████████████ Global in the future is to market all commodity products around the world to increase income levels and ensure output of agricultural products for farmers, local industrial products as well as maintain quality of each product towards sustainable export.

████████████████████ Global is known for its products with good quality, high popularity and reasonable price. The company's goal is to become a branded importer and exporter, providing services including commodity exchange, production, processing, packaging and distribution of various commodities. █████████████████████Global prioritizes services that bring value to customers and focuses on the cooperation benefits of both parties. The company's mission is to build an international business network, fulfill commitments and be responsible for import and export activities with the participation of governments, investors, entrepreneurs, suppliers and the wider community, in order to create good relationships and win-win cooperation. With that noble mission, the company has a dream to become a leading import-export company in Indonesia and a high recognition in the world commodity exchange market.

“In order to continuously develop and expand the consumption market, products must always have the best quality, carry the company's own characteristics and have an appropriate price. Only then can customers remember and be loyal to the company's branded products. For us, quality is always the first criterion when choosing a supplier”, affirmed Mr. Yoseph.

Photo of the customer company's website

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

Sharing with VIETGO, Mr. Yoseph said, “Previously, we were mainly looking for domestic suppliers to export our products to other countries in the region. However, now we have developed a new customer service department, which is responsible for taking care of and helping customers find potential suppliers to sign contracts. For this order of cassava chips, we represent a longtime customer in Korea looking for a supplier. We plan to import 50,000 tons per month and will import at least within 12 months. The product needs to be of good quality and meet some of the specifications that we have provided”.

Mr. Yoseph expressed his confidence and hoped that, with the help of VIETGO, he would soon be able to successfully connect with a suitable supplier with goodwill and long-term cooperation.

With the above sharing, Mr. Yoseph is looking forward to receiving feedback on the competitive price from VIETGO's suppliers. Hence, the suppliers who are interested in the import order of the customer please contact and quote him at the contact information below:


Mr. Yoseph

Company: █████████████████████Global

Tel/Whatsapp: +62 █████████████

Email: █████████████████████@gmail.com

Address: █████████████████████████████████, ███████████████████████████ Indonesia

Nationality: Indonesian

Country: China


Order number: A140522-TTN


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