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Opportunity to import fresh pineapple to a partner from Egypt

14/05/2022 | 11:50:41

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VIETGO would like to send the suppliers information about the order to import fresh pineapple to the Egyptian market from a potential customer, Mr. Mahmoud.

Opportunity to import fresh pineapple to a partner from Egypt

VIETGO would like to send the suppliers information about the order to import fresh pineapple to the Egyptian market from a potential customer, Mr. Mahmoud.

Order details:


Quantity: 1 ton for the first order

If the product has good quality and reasonable price, the customer will import regularly


Good quality pineapples, large and uniform fruit, beautiful design, sweet taste, not damaged

Weights: 1.4kg/fruit

Packaging: 9-12kg/carton (9 fruits/carton)

Quotation method: CIP

Destination: Cairo International Airport, Egypt

Payment method: T/T or L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Customer details:

Mr. Mahmoud ███████, a representative of the █████████ supermarket chain, is looking for a source of fresh pineapple to distribute in the Egyptian market.

Personal photos of the customer

Photo of the company’s website

Photos of the customer’s stores

Photos of some products that the customer company is trading in

█████████ is a large-scale corporation in France operating in the field of supermarkets, the second largest in the world, after ████████ in the United States. Established in 1959 in Annecy, France, █████████'s supermarket system is present in many countries around the world and the group also cooperates with many local supermarket companies in many different regions.

█████████ was launched in the region in 1995 by ████████████████, which is the exclusive franchise to operate █████████ in over 30 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and fully owns the operations in the region. Today, ████████████████ operates over 320 █████████ stores, serving more than 750,000 customers daily and employing over 37,000 colleagues. The corporation operates different store formats, as well as multiple online offerings to meet the growing needs of its diversified customer base. In line with the brand’s commitment to providing the widest range of quality products and value for money, █████████ offers an unrivaled choice of more than 500,000 food and non-food products. Across █████████’s stores, they source over 80% of the products offered from the region, making it a key enabler in supporting local producers, suppliers, families, and economies. █████████ strictly adheres to quality and safety policies from the selection stage of raw materials used to manufacture each product. Here, customers can completely trace the origin to ensure authenticity.

“Our main goal is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is not only related to the best price, quality, and service but also the way the corporation is committed to improving the construction of social welfare based on active participation in the community's development activities. Regarding environmental protection, all █████████ stores are regularly inspected to avoid excessive electricity usage. The corporation aims to minimize electricity use over the next few years through the installation of energy-saving systems. Joining in the “Go Green” campaign with the main aim of reducing the consumption of non-biodegradable plastic bags, switching to sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, and raising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bags through media campaigns, they have introduced the use of eco-bags in its stores to significantly reduce the use of plastic bags. These eco-bags come in a variety of sizes and can be sold at the checkout counters in all stores.

Besides, █████████ also cooperates with the ███████ association to organize training sessions, guide disabled students to learn to bake, pack and organize shelves to help them become aware of their abilities and help them benefit the community", Mr. Mahmoud shared.

Contacting VIETGO, the customer said he was looking for fresh pineapple suppliers in Asia because he found the product quality here to be relatively good. Together with Kenya and Tanzania, █████████ hopes to quickly receive quotes and attractive cooperation offers from suppliers of VIETGO to quickly fulfill orders.

Hence, suppliers who are interested in exporting fresh pineapple to the Egyptian market can contact and discuss directly with the customer at the contact information below:

Mr. Mahmoud ███████

Company: █████████

Mob/WhatsApp: +20 ████████████

Email: ████████████@gmail.com

Country: Egypt

Order code: B140522 – NTKC


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