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Opportunity to supply fashion dresses and tops to partners from Fiji

14/05/2022 | 11:28:22

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VIETGO would like to send you information about an order to import fashion dresses from a Fijian customer – Ms. Priya.

Opportunity to supply fashion dresses and tops to partners from Fiji

VIETGO would like to send you information about an order to import fashion dresses from a Fijian customer – Ms. Priya.

Ms. Priya from Fiji sent to VIETGO the need to import fashion dress products to serve her business in the domestic market. With this order, she hopes to work with suitable suppliers in Asia. Suppliers please refer to the order information below:

Order details

Product name: Fashion dress

Quantity: 3,000 pieces

Material: Prioritize cool, light and airy cotton, chiffon or linen fabric

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Color: The color is gentle, bright and harmonious

Design: Puff sleeves or two straps, waistline to create a slim and feminine feel, knee length or above, combined with floral motifs suitable for summer

(Please proactively suggest your available designs)

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Suva, Fiji

Payment method: T/T

Product photo provided by the customer


Customer information

Businesses that can meet the above order and are willing to cooperate, please contact the customer through the details below:

Photo of the customer

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Ms. Priya about the need to import fashion dress products. Ms. Priya currently lives and works in ████, Fiji. She has an online store that mainly does domestic business. Her store is called ███████████████, specializing in women's fashion products. This customer said that she used to trade in beauty products such as cosmetics and recently expanded the women's fashion category.

Talking to VIETGO, Ms. Priya shared: “I have been trading fashion products with personal models in the Fiji market for almost a year. My store is called ███████████████. The products that I focus on are mainly clothing, personal care products, beauty products, and cosmetics. Currently, I am doing business mainly online. This is a selling method that I consider the most cost effective when I am still in the starting phase. Regular posting frequency on social networking platforms, promoting advertising in groups with similar interests and needs have helped me attract a large number of potential customers up to now, in addition to the number of familiar customers. I intend to open a store with my own fashion brand in the future. Knowing many suppliers is really helpful to me right now.

Photos of some products traded by the customers

The fashion sector in general has a lot of potential in the Fiji market. Fijians often dress casually in light and cool fabrics because of Fiji's tropical climate. At first, I focused on traditional clothing products like sulu clothes. Both men and women in Fiji can wear this shirt, which can be flexibly worn in many ways. However, in the near future, I plan to expand and search for more styles of dresses with more diverse designs.

This is my first time importing from overseas market, so I want to import small quantity first so I can check product quality as well as familiarize myself with customs procedures. Looking forward to receiving a quote soon so that I can proceed with my import plan as planned. If the price and quality match, I will cooperate often”.

During the conversation, the customer expressed his enthusiasm and high desire for cooperation. VIETGO hopes that suppliers who are interested in Ms. Priya's order can soon contact and quote to the customer.

VIETGO would like to send you order information and wish you a successful business!


Customer contact information

Ms. Priya

WhatsApp: +679 ████████

Email: █████████████████@gmail.com

Nationality: Fiji


Order number: B140522 – TTVA


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