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Opportunity to export silicon steel coil to the Polish market

14/05/2022 | 10:37:42

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​Mr. Sanjay is currently looking for a supplier for his monthly import order of silicon steel coil to Poland to serve his company's business.

Opportunity to export silicon steel coil to the Polish market

 Mr. Sanjay is currently looking for a supplier for his monthly import order of silicon steel coil to Poland to serve his company's business.

Order details


Quantity: 1,000 tons/month

(The customer expected to be imported within at least 01 year)


Thickness: 0.23mm, 0.27mm and 0.3mm

Width: 1200mm

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Gdynia or Gdansk, Poland

Payment method: The customer will discuss with the suppliers after receiving quotation

Product illustrations


Customer details:

The suppliers that can meet the above order and are willing to cooperate please contact the customer through the details below:

Mr. Sanjay is a customer from India, currently working at ██████████████ LLP. Recently, a customer contacted VIETGO to discuss his desire to find a supplier for an order to import silicon steel coil to the Polish market. Mr. Sanjay sent detailed information about product requirements and expressed hope to receive a quotation from the supplier soon so that we can discuss a more suitable payment method.

Photo of the customer

Photos of the customer company’s website

Established in 2018, ███████████████LLP has built a strong foothold in the international import-export market as an intermediary import-export broker, connecting businesses from all over the world to provide a variety of goods to customers from many different countries. ████████extensive network of import and export traders ensures excellent quality, feasibility, and shipping to all corners of the world, which sets the company apart from its competitors.

Sharing with VIETGO, Mr. Sanjay said: “Before deciding to establish a company, I had nearly 20 years of experience when participating in the international import-export market with my associates. Later to scale up and reach more customers, we decided to establish ██████████████ LLP. In addition to being an importer ourselves, we also serve as an agent that connects potential buyers and sellers, streamlining all processes from negotiation to delivery and payment. We ensure all our contacts and authorizations are legitimate businesses, thus eliminating any chance of fraudulent activities, providing a trusted and secure environment to conduct all import and export business. Along with that, we also provide advice on transport and trade services such as cargo rights, permits, and agreements, import procedures, logistics, training, inspection & evaluation of the goods customer processes to ensure a smooth, profitable, and sustainable business model”.

Photos of some services provided by the customer's company

Photos of some products of the customer company is currently trading in

 “███████████████LLP strives to provide impeccable services to all clients, maintaining an honest and trustworthy relationship with them. We identify customer needs and provide timely solutions while measuring customer satisfaction and improving the speed of service delivery to customers. We have an enthusiastic and professional team to understand and ensure that all requests are handled efficiently with minimal cost. At █████, we understand that our actions and decisions affect our customers and their businesses, so we focus on transforming our mission into positive action. Some of the main products that we supply, such as agricultural products, include corn, coffee, sugar, soybeans, petroleum, gasoline, and some metals such as copper, silver, and nickel”.

“With this silicon steel coil import order, we hope to connect with potential suppliers through the help of VIETGO. I look forward to receiving contact from the supplier so that I can fulfill the order as soon as possible”.

Hence, the suppliers who can meet Mr. Sanjay's requirements, please contact him via the contact address below.

VIETGO would like to send you the order information and wish you a successful business!


Mr. Sanjay


Company name: ██████████████ LLP

Address: ██████████████████████████████████████, ███████████████████, India

Email: ████████████.pro

Tel/Whatsapp: +91 ███████████

Nationality: Indian

Import countries: Poland


Order number: A140522 – DTDL – NTNQ






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