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Cooperation with a Pakistani trader for dry tea orders

14/05/2022 | 10:24:06

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Mr. Ziaulhaq, a young and potential customer from Pakistan, has sent to VIETGO an order to import tea products into the Pakistani market.

Cooperation with a Pakistani trader for dry tea orders

Mr. Ziaulhaq, a young and potential customer from Pakistan, has sent to VIETGO an order to import tea products into the Pakistani market.

Detailed information about tea products that the customer needs to import to Pakistan market, please send to the suppliers as follows:


Product types: Green and black tea


Dried tea has been cleaned, good quality, not moldy, less impurities

The supplier can recommend to the customer specific product parameters and suitable packaging methods

Quantities: Try 5 tons

The customer will import regularly in large quantities if the product is of good quality and the price is reasonable

Quotation method: CIF

Port of dischage: Karachi port, Pakistan

Packaging method: Using PP bags

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration

Customer details:

Mr. Ziaulhaq is a trader from Pakistan, currently looking for a supplier for green and black tea products for his business in Pakistan:

Photos of the customer

Photo of a customer's trade association membership card in Islamabad

Today, tea is not only a simple beverage to drink every day, but also a raw material for many popular soft drinks in many different countries. Especially in recent years, tea is not only popular in Asia but also very popular in the Middle East market. As a seasoned trader, Mr. Ziaulhaq certainly cannot miss this good opportunity.

The customer has many years of operation in the field of import and export and has equipped with a lot of knowledge related to this field. Previously, he had imported tea in some Middle Eastern countries and realized that the consumption of this product is very high here and they are gradually forming a habit of drinking tea in the past few years. Although he is only 27 years old, he has become a member of a trade and technology association in Islamabad, in the near future he has plans to set up his own company, so the client is expanding the market and cooperation relationship with many different suppliers around the world to ensure an abundant supply to serve his customers both domestically and internationally. According to the customer, after becoming a member of this association, his development opportunities are increasing day by day and this is also a place for him to learn from successful entrepreneurs in the field of exporting and creating important relationships with partners.

Photos of some products of the customer is currently trading in

Photos of some business activities of the customer


In a conversation with VIETGO, he said: “Currently, green and black tea products originating from Asia are very popular with our customers. Therefore, we hope to receive product samples from our suppliers and conduct an official pre-import assessment to select the most suitable product for consumers in Pakistan. If the product has good quality and reasonable price, the company intends to import 5 tons monthly. I specialize in importing and distributing agricultural products for domestic and international markets. I always try to make a difference and quality in each imported product. Moreover, I always appreciate bringing consumers products with quality assurance and food safety and hygiene. Our customers are very large and they are always interested in the taste of tea, so we have researched a lot of different types of tea from many countries to be able to choose the most suitable one. Diversify business products and supply directly through selling at major markets in our area. We intend after testing the products, if they meet the market requirements, the company will import a large amount and cooperate for a long time to ensure the regular supply of goods”.

Through detailed exchange, VIETGO has realized that this customer was in urgent need of green tea to sell during the special festival in their country, so Mr. Ziaulhaq hopes the suppliers will contact him soon. At the same time, Mr. Ziaulhaq also wants to come to Vietnam one day not far to learn the tea processing process from incubation to drying and apply them to his business.

Mr. Ziaulhaq

Email of the customer: ██████████@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +92 3██████████

Nationality: Pakistani

Country: Pakistan


Order number: B130522-DDT-NTN2


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