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The deal of exporting 6 20ft containers of A4 paper monthly to the Turkish market

13/05/2022 | 18:53:02

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of A4 paper from a potential customer, Mr. Ali.

The deal of exporting 6 20ft containers of A4 paper monthly to the Turkish market

VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of A4 paper from a potential customer, Mr. Ali.

Mr. Ali is a businessman from Turkey. Recently, he has contacted VIETGO and shared his intention to import A4 paper for his upcoming project in the Turkish market.

Product details:


Quantities: 4-6 20ft containers per month

Weight measurement: 80gsm

Packaging method: 500 sheets/ream; 5 reams/carton

Quotation method: CIF – Port of Istanbul, Turkey

Payment methods: L/C

Product illustration

Customer information:

Mr. Ali - a representative of ████████████████████████ company based in Turkey - directly contacted and suggested to VIETGO his desire to find a suitable A4 paper supplier for the company's upcoming project.

Photo of the customer’s business card

████████████████████████ is a multi-disciplinary company that operates in the fields of construction, architecture, and import-export with a history since 2000. Products that the company produces and trades in include civil and high-tech products in the glass industry, such as tempered glass, insulated glass, glass doors, bulletproof glass, reflective glass, mirrors, anti-radiation glass... In addition to the Turkish market, the company also distributes its products in several neighboring European and Asian countries, as well as imports high-quality glasses according to the needs of customers. ████████████████████████ has been on a mission to be a significant and effective contributor to major projects in Turkey since its inception. The company employed a talented team of professionals, including construction industry leaders and executives with deep industry knowledge and connections.

Photo of the company’s website

Photos of the customer's company's factory

Mr. Ali shared: “With the belief that customer satisfaction is the key to business success, we always strive to bring the best products and services available on the market to our customers. This factor has allowed us to assert our name and gain the trust of customers in the Turkey market as well as businesses in the construction and glass industry”.

Photos of some projects that the customer’s company has done

Photos of some products that the customer's company is currently trading in

Mr. Ali shared that his company was currently cooperating with a variety of Asian enterprises to import new items for his company. Below is a photo of the Bill of Lading for importing goods from a partner in China on 06/05/2015 that his company has successfully completed.

Photos of the customer’s Bill of Lading


Sharing about the current order, the customer said: “The construction activity of ████████████████████████ is growing steadily and I am very satisfied with that. To adapt to the requirements and consumption trends of customers, we gradually expanded our activities to the field of import and export. Our customers are mainly large enterprises and offices in Turkey. Currently, our customers need to import large quantities of A4 paper to serve business and production needs. I have consulted the sources of goods in many countries around the world and found that the quality and price of suppliers in Asia were quite consistent with my desire at present. Therefore, I did not hesitate to contact VIETGO in the hope that VIETGO would help me find a suitable supplier that could accompany the company in future contracts.

Any suppliers who can meet Mr. Ali's requirements please contact and send him quotes as soon as possible through the communication channels we provide below:


Customer contact information:

Mr. Ali ██████

Mob/WhatsApp: +90██████████████

Email: ███████@█████████ and ████████████@█████████

Company name: ████████████████████████

Address: █████████████████████████████████████████ Turkey

Website: http://███████.com/

Country: Turkey

 VIETGO wishes you a successful business!


Order number: A130522 – TTA- NTN1


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