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Opportunity to export 200 tons of wood pellets to the Polish market

13/05/2022 | 18:54:14

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Representative from the UK, Mr. Karol is looking for a supplier for wood pellets. The UK needs to import wood pellet to the Polish market.

Opportunity to export 200 tons of wood pellets to the Polish market

Representative from the UK, Mr. Karol is looking for a supplier for wood pellets. The UK needs to import wood pellet to the Polish market.

Product details:

Product name: Wood pellets

Quantity: 1 40ft container

If you get a good price, the customer will import 200 tons or more

Specifications approved by the customer:

Type: A2

Size: Diameter: 6mm

Length: 20 – 50mm

Ash: 1.5%

Humidity: < 10%

Sulfur content: 0.07%

Nitrogen content: < 0.5%

Packing method: 15kg/bag

Quotation method: CIF

Port of destination: Port of Gdańsk, Poland

Payment method: The customer exchanged later

Product illustrations

Packaging illustrations

Customer information:

With the current situation of fuel sources such as coal, gasoline, oil ... are increasingly exhausted, the need to find alternative materials becomes urgent in any country. In particular, wood pellets are considered as an alternative material with many advantages as raw materials are readily available, abundant and cheap. In particular, with scientific advances in the production of thermally upgraded wood pellets, making it a very promising alternative to traditional coal fuel in energy production. Talking with VIETGO today, Mr. Karol is also in need of importing wood pellets to the Polish market.

Mr. Karol is a customer from the UK. Karol shared that he previously worked at ████ Bathrooms & Kitchens Ltd. This is a company specializing in the design, construction and operation of projects in the field of construction. The strength of the company is the construction of civil works such as bathrooms and kitchens. The company's services are specializing in construction contracting, house repair, electricity and water installation for construction works as well as in daily life. With a team of technicians who are professionally trained and have many years of experience in the fields of design, renovation and home improvement projects, the company always satisfies any fastidious customers. The company has constructed for more than 300 construction projects in many different categories such as apartments, houses, villas, offices, restaurants...

Photos of some projects that the customer participated in

Realizing the potential of wood pellets, Mr. Karol turned to this product business. He said he has more than 2 years of experience in this field. His main job is to help customers find suitable wood pellet manufacturers around the world. Mr. Karol acts as the connection between the factories and customers, helping them find the right production source and supporting them with import and transportation procedures. Karol's customers are mostly in the European market, where there is a huge demand for wood pellets for heating and as fuel in industrial furnaces. Currently, his wood pellet supply market is mainly from Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. According to him, this area has a diverse source of wood pellets with very good prices. Especially recently, he regularly imports wood pellets from Thailand for his customer in Poland. Below is the shipping container insurance paper that he made on April 20, 2022.

Photo of container guaranty refundable insurance policy provided by the customer

Mr. Karol shared that his customer in Poland wanted to find more sources of wood pellet with better prices. Therefore, Mr. Karol contacted VIETGO with the hope that VIETGO could help him connect with more suppliers. Mr. Karol's cusotmer needed the A2 wood pellet type with a diameter of 6mm. This product needs to be packed in bags of 15kg. Mr. Karol hopes that suppliers can send him a quotation as soon as possible so that the two sides can conduct a more detailed discussion. When quoting, he expects the supplier to attach certificates to prove the quality of the product and there import experience.

For all contact information of customers, suppliers, please see details below:

Photos of the customer

Customer contact information:

Mr. Karol █████████

Whatsapp: +44 7██████████

Email: ██████████████@wp.pl

Delivery address: █████████████ ████████████████ 17██████████████, Poland

Nationality: UK

VIETGO wishes you a successful business!

Order number: C130522-ĐTD


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