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Opportunities to export regular wood pellets to the Japanese market

13/05/2022 | 19:52:46

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Mr. Chong, a customer from Malaysia, has just discussed with VIETGO about the need to find a supplier of wood pellets.

Opportunities to export regular wood pellets to the Japanese market

Mr. Chong, a customer from Malaysia, has just discussed with VIETGO about the need to find a supplier of wood pellets.

Mr. Chong is urgently looking for a supplier who can meet the orders of wood pellets to export to the Japanese market.

Order details

Product name: Wood pellets

Quantity: 60,000 tons/year

The customer wants the product to meet one of the two standards below, the supplier can suggest more similar products during the exchange process.

Type 1:

Diameter: 6-10mm

Length: 10-40mm

Bulk density: 600-700kg/m3

Humidity: 10%

Ash content: 2%

Calorific value: 3950 Kcal/kg

Ash fushion: 1,050ºC

Type 2:

Diameter: 6-10mm

Length: 50mm

Bulk density: 650kg/m3

Humidity: 10%

Ash content: 1.5%

Calorific value: 3900 Kcal/kg

Ash fushion: 1,150ºC

Please see detailed product specifications provided by the customer below

Photo of detailed product specifications provided by the customer

Packing method: 1 ton/jumbo bag

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Photo of product packaging provided by the customer

Customer Information:

Photo of the customer


Photo of the customer's business card

VIETGO has just had a conversation with Mr. Chong, a customer from Malaysia about the need to import wood pellets for export to the Japanese market.

Mr. Choong is the Managing Director of ████████████ Network. The company is headquartered at C-████████████ █████████████ ████████████ ███████, Selangor, Malaysia. The company's business products include petroleum D2 Diesel, Diesel EN590, virgin fuel oil, crude oil, bitumen; metal products such as copper cathode, copper mill, copper ingot, aluminum ingot, used railway scrap. Besides, ████████████ Network also distributes fuel energy products such as pellets, wood chips and coal, materials such as river sand, FE sand, sea sand. In addition, the company is also active in the food and agricultural products industry.

Photos of some business products of the customer's company

Sharing with VIETGO, Mr. Choong said: “████████████ Network is a general trading company specializing in the sourcing and marketing of raw materials and finished products. The company owns a multinational customer base in industrial sectors such as food, agro-industrial, petrochemical and closing materials. We usually import directly and sell to customers, then they will also distribute products in many different regions. In addition to meeting the needs of our customers, we strive to balance the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature according to the actual needs of society, economy and environmental conservation. ████████████ Network has also been granted FSC certification, with the hope of contributing to the sustainable use and management of global forests.

Besides ████████████ Network, Mr. Choong is also the General Manager of ██████████ City SDN. BHD. It is known that this is a Taiwanese partner company, headquartered at Lot ███████████████, ████████████, ████████████████ district, ████████████████████ ██████████ Malaysia. The company was established on July 17, 2019 with the main business activities of importing, exporting and distributing products such as wood pellets, food, technological equipment and household appliances.

Business card photo of a customer at ██████████ City SDN. BHD

With extensive experience in international trade deals, Mr. Chong has successfully imported products from overseas markets many times. VIETGO would like to send you the bill of lading to import palm shell products from Thailand on May 17, 2020, which the customer has successfully done before.

Photo of imported bill of lading successfully done by the customer's company on May 17, 2020 from the Thai market

About this order, Mr. Chong needed to find a reputable supplier of wood pellets for a partner of the company's customers in the Japanese market. Through the conversation, VIETGO found that Mr. Chong was a very friendly and goodwill customer. VIETGO has also cooperated with him many times in the order of sawn acacia wood in 2020. The customer shared that he loves Vietnamese people and cuisine very much. He also frequently travels to Vietnam to work as well as travel to experience culture and cuisine.

VIETGO hopes that the supplier who can meet the order can quickly quote the price to the customer and negotiate as soon as possible according to the contact information below:

Contact Information:

Businesses that can meet the above order and are willing to cooperate, please contact the customer through the details below:

Mr. Chong █████████

WhatsApp: +60█████████

Email: chong@███████████.net

Company: ████████████ Network and ██████████ City SDN. BHD

Nationality: Malaysian

Country to import: Japan

VIETGO would like to send you the order information and wish you another successful business.

Order number: A130522-TTVA


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