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Opportunity to export durian to the Mexican market

13/05/2022 | 17:32:42

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Recently, VIETGO had a conversation with Mr. Jared – a customer from Mexico about the order to import durian. Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to be able to conduct regular import orders to Mexican and has goodwill to cooperate with the company long-term on the next import orders.

Opportunity to export durian to the Mexican market

Recently, VIETGO had a conversation with Mr. Jared – a customer from Mexico about the order to import durian.

Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to be able to conduct regular import orders to Mexican and has goodwill to cooperate with the company long-term on the next import orders. Here's the details of the order:

Order details:


Quantities: 1 ton for trial

If the product quality and price are reasonable, the customer will import regularly

Product requirements:

Good quality organic durian, high uniformity, beautiful design, large sucker, sweetness, aroma

Packaging: Using carton boxes

Suppliers suggest more available packaging methods

Quotation method: CIP

Destination: Cancun International Airport, Mexico

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Detailed information about the customer:

Recently, Mr. Jared, Director of ███████████████████, and VIETGO has had a brief discussion about durian import ordersContacting VIETGO this time, Mr. Jared hopes to find the right supplier for durian products for his upcoming personal project.

Customer photo

Photo of general information image of the customer company

███████████████████████. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. ███████████████████ Inc. operates in the fields of services and finance. The company provides project management consulting services to different industries and clients with different roles, from project control officer to project manager. Before working as a director of ███████████████████ Inc. In 2017Mr. Jared started working in 2009, participated in many previous business projects, and has become an advisor to many companies with many successful projects.

Durian, a rather smelly fruit, full of thorns and fatty flavors, is increasingly popular all over the world. Mr. Jared said the supply of durian in Mexico does not meet the needs of consumers. In this country there are a lot of vegetarians as well as lovers of fruits, the consumption is huge. Therefore, to ensure the source of durian for everyone, Mexico is always looking for supplies in large quantities, buying durian from other countries. Understanding the demand and market trends, Mr. Jared has stepped up the import of durian to serve his company's business.

Speaking to VIETGO, the customer also shared: "I have many years of experience operating in the commercial field, having worked with many partners from different markets around the world. However, this is the first time I have imported this type of product so I want to find a reputable supplier that has good quality products and reasonable prices. The durian import order this time I imported for my personal project. I would like to contribute my efforts to serve the needs of the durian users of the people in the territory of my homelandAs I know, Southeast Asia is a naturally favored region with fertile soil and a perfect climate all year round, which is suitable for the development of a variety of fruits. In addition, VIETGO is a gathering place of thousands of reputable suppliers in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general, we have contacted the company to exchange details about this order. We hope and believe that VIETGO can help us find suppliers with good experience and supply capacity and hope that every process will be successful so that we can collaborate long-term and develop the next big projects in the future".

Through the process of working and exchanging orders, VIETGO has realized that Mr. Jared is a friendly, open, and well-intentioned customer who takes business cooperation seriously. Since this is the first time the customer company has imported products from another country, he expressed his absolute trust in VIETGO's support. That will soon help him successfully connect with the right, serious and reliable suppliers. Through the serious buying attitude and positive goodwill of cooperation that Mr. Jared brings, VIETGO believes that this will be an order that promises to bring good business cooperation, not only for businesses with good supply capacity in Asia in general but also for Vietnamese businesses in particular.

Hence, the suppliers who can meet Mr. Jared's request, please contact and quote him via the contact information address below:



Mr. Jared ███████████████

Company: ███████████████████

Customer email: j██████████████████.com

Mob/Whatsapp: +1 █████████████3

Country: Mexico


Order code: B130522 – NTTD – NTN2