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The Chinese partner plans to import 38,400 tons of wood chips for the upcoming pulp production project

13/05/2022 | 16:48:02

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of wood chips from a potential customer, Mr. Chen.

The Chinese partner plans to import 38,400 tons of wood chips for the upcoming pulp production project

Mr. Chen currently has a cooperation project with a paper business partner, so he contacted VIETGO with the hope that VIETGO will help him find the right supplier for this order.

Product details:

Product name: Wood chips

Quantity: 33,000 - 38,400 tons

Customers will import monthly if the quality is good

Type 1: Eucalyptus Wood chips 

Purpose of use: Pulp production


Above 40mm: up to 5%

4.8 - 40mm: min 92%

Below 4.8mm: up to 3%

Bark and rot: about 1%, up to 2%

Humidity: Less than 50%



Type 2: Acacia wood chips

Length over 40mm max 5%

4.8mm: 92%

9.5 - 22.2mm: up to 55%

90% thickness from 3 - 8mm


Contains an average of 8% bark and rotting

Coal, dust: 1.27%

Please provide correct size as customer will check with scanner

Quotation method: CIF - Rizhao port and Beihai port

Destination: China

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Customer information:

Wood chips are one of the main raw materials for pulp production. It is an easy-to-cook ingredient that is not too expensive. Some paper businesses often buy wood chips in large quantities to serve the production of finished pulp. Wood chips will be crushed into powder and through many stages, then processed into pulp and pressed into paper. This is also the current request of Mr. Chen, a Chinese customer who recently contacted VIETGO and discussed his project.

Mr. Chen was a former wine merchant. He founded his own company called ██████████████████Co., Ltd. His company mainly deals in alcohol for customers in the U.S. region. The type of wine that he trades is white wine produced by modern technological lines and supplied to hotels, party centers or some large restaurants. In addition, the company has long-term partnerships with catering, wedding and medical services, and sponsors beverages for government groups and chamber of commerce activities. The company's professional winery general agent in China is the largest importer of original high quality Argentine wines, with small volumes and great potential for investment and collection. The basement is a wine cellar, the first floor is a showroom for imported wines, the second floor is a wine tasting and business entertainment area.

Mr. Chen said he is currently expanding into a new field, the paper industry. He signed contracts and expanded cooperation relationships with many large enterprises in China, including paper manufacturing enterprises. And now they need a large amount of wood chips to serve the pulp production project. Mr. Chen said he had consulted many suppliers in Asia and he knew about VIETGO. He hopes that with its position as a trade bridge for thousands of suppliers around the world, VIETGO will help him find the right supplier for his current order. If the business situation improves, Mr. Chen plans to import more often and in larger quantities.

Image of the customer

Photo of information of customer on a website

VIETGO wishes you a successful business!


Customer contact information:

Mr. Chen ████

Mp: +86-███████████

WeChat ID: █████████████

Email: █████████████████m

Nationality: Chinese

Order number: C130522 - PNKH









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