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Opportunity to cooperate with a business in Armenia for export orders of pineapple

13/05/2022 | 16:58:23

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VIETGO would like to send an order of fresh pineapple from an Armenian customer, Mr. Gevorg.

Opportunity to cooperate with a business in Armenia for export orders of pineapple

VIETGO would like to send an order of fresh pineapple from an Armenian customer, Mr. Gevorg.

Detailed information about pineapple that the customer needs to import please send to the suppliers as follows:



Good quality pineapple, natural taste, no preservatives, no rotten, no spoil

The suppliers can suggest to the customer the available product parameters

Quantities: 20 tons for trial

The customer will import regularly in large quantities if the product has good quality and reasonable price

Packaging: Using carton boxes

Quotation method: CIF

Port of discharge: Port of Poti, Georgia

Payment method: 100% L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration

Order details:

Mr. Gevorg - representative of ███████████████ LLC, headquartered in Armenia, is looking for a supplier of pineapple in large quantities to meet his company's business in Armenia.

Photos of the customer

Photos of the customer with Asian partners


Mr. Gevorg is an Armenian trader who is looking for a large and long-term supply for fresh pineapple. He is very interested in fruits especially originating from Vietnam in particular and Asia in general due to good product quality and reasonable prices. Sharing more with VIETGO about this order, he said that pineapple products here are consumed very quickly and his order frequency is monthly. The customer has been operating in the field of trading and exporting for many years and has a lot of experience in the profession. In addition to agricultural products, his company also achieved a lot of success in the field of construction, trading of vehicles and production machinery.

Photos of some business activities of the customer company

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

Photos of bills of lading for importing cars from Japan from Japan to Georgia of the customer company

He shared that he has worked with many customers from all over the world and is always ready to cooperate with potential suppliers around the world. This can be considered a large order, so the customer is very eager to be able to cooperate with a supplier of pineapple that can meet the quantity of 20 tons per month. The pineapple need to be of good quality and reasonable price for his company's plan to expand business cooperation, and at the same time to meet the different uses of consumers.

Mr. Gevorg added: “Our company has been in operation for more than 10 years and has achieved certain successes in the field of production and import and export. In the past few years, although all businesses have been affected by the epidemic, our company's business has continued as usual and has also opened more factories in neighboring areas. We are always ready to cooperate with suppliers around the world to increasingly diversify the product portfolio and improve the quality of the product portfolio, thereby meeting the strict requirements of customers. Products delivered directly from the distributor or original supplier will be quality controlled by us throughout its entire life cycle. High quality has always been our primary goal, so handling, grading and distribution must comply with SFDA quality and safety standards. With this pineapple order, we really want to be able to get a reasonable price so that it can be easily sold at markets and beverage shops. Customers in our area love the taste of pineapple from Asia and highly appreciate the stages from growing to harvest of pineapple sourced here. I think this is really a good opportunity for both seller and buyer. Due to the geographical characteristics of Armenia, there is no seaport, so we often receive goods at the port of Poti, Georgia, and then use transport vehicles to bring them to the factory in Armenia”.

Through the working process, we have found that Mr. Gevorg is a seasoned trader with a long-term vision in business and is very serious about this order.

Hence, the suppliers who can meet the requirements of the customer, please contact and quote him via the contact information below:

Mr. Gevorg

Company: ███████████████ LLC

Email of customer: ████████████████████@mail.ru

WhatsApp: +374 █████████

Nationality: Armenia

Country: Georgia


Order number: A120522-DDT-NTN2


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