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The commercial affair to export lychees to the Dutch market

13/05/2022 | 15:58:45

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Jansen - a potential customer from the Netherlands about the lychee export order.

The commercial affair to export lychees to the Dutch market

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Jansen - a potential customer from the Netherlands about the lychee export order.

Detailed information about the products:


Quantity: 1 ton for the first order

The customer will import regularly with 4 tons weekly if the quality and price are suitable


Good quality lychees with a beautiful design, sweet taste, not rotten and damaged

Packaging: 1kg/carton box

Quotation methods: FOB and CIP

Destination: Amsterdam Schiphol airport, the Netherlands

Payment method: T/T or L/C

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustrations

Customer details:

With experience in holding many positions such as Sales Director, Procurement Director, and partner in the field of sales and consulting at ███ ██████████, █████████, ██████ Group and ███████, Mr. ███████ Jansen who is in charge of the Chief Executive Officer of █████████████████ is looking for lychee suppliers.

Photos of the customer

By promoting and trading the best agricultural products and services between Vietnam and the EU such as nuts, meat, and fresh fruit, Mr. Jansen and Mr. Tan ██████ founded █████████████████ in April 2020. All the products are fresh, exotic, top quality, and produced in a sustainable environment and a fair, traceable value chain. █████████████ is proud to be a strategic partner of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD) in Europe and works closely with the Consulate of Vietnam for the EU to increase the import and export under the Europe – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).

The customer shared: “In particular, █████████████ is the exclusive sales channel for the leading Vietnamese farmer cooperatives and producers of organic agricultural products. All our producers meet the highest global standards like Global Gap, SMETA, and more. ██████████████ quality control ensures the best products for Europe. Also advising on the latest food trends and developments and certifications, to ensure continuous innovation of products from Vietnam. In addition, we also search, select suppliers, negotiate prices, logistics and arrange customs clearance".

Having many years of working and living in Vietnam, Mr. Jansen understands the variety of fruits here in terms of types and flavors. However, due to the lack of proper investment in farming knowledge as well as compliance with standard quality requirements, most agricultural products are forced to export to markets with little potential. Lychee is one of the most popular seasonal fruits in the European market. In recent years, the amount of consumption of this fruit has increased significantly. Seizing that opportunity, his company is looking for reputable suppliers with the first order quantity of 1 ton and will cooperate in purchasing 2 tons twice a week for the next orders. Moreover, to save shipping time and ensure quality, the customer also requested suppliers to quote by air with 2 methods: FOB and CIP. He always emphasized that product quality was the most important factor, so suppliers could completely offer appropriate prices.

Photo of the customer company's website

Photos of products that the customer company is trading in

Photos of the company’s partners

VIETGO hopes that through the sharing of orders as well as his desire for serious cooperation, Mr. Jansen will bring many attractive export opportunities for agricultural products not only for this lychee but also for other fruits such as oranges, banana, pineapple, and coconut.

Hence, suppliers who are interested in the customer's order to export lychee to the Dutch market can contact him with the information below:

Mr. ███████ Jansen

Company: █████████████████

Address: █████████, █████████████, the Netherlands

Mob/WhatsApp: +31 ██████████

Email: ████████@hotmail.com

Country: The Netherlands

Order number: B130522 – NTKC – NTN2