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Commercial affair to export children's backpacks to the US market

13/05/2022 | 15:40:01

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VIETGO would like to send a children’s backpack order from a Chinese customer, Ms. Chen.

Commercial affair to export children's backpacks to the US market

VIETGO would like to send a children’s backpack order from a Chinese customer, Ms. Chen.

Ms. Chen is urgently looking for a supplier who can fulfill her children’s backpack order to serve her business project in the US.

Here are the order details:

Product name: Children's backpack

Quantities: 20,000 pieces (5000 pieces/design)

Size: 27.9cm L*20.3cm W*12cm H

Weight: 0.4kg

Designs: Monkey, bunny, unicorn, panda

Materials: The animal face is made of velvet fabric, the inner layer is made of polyester fabric, the straps are made of woven fabric

Packaging: 12 pcs/carton

Carton size: 58.4cm L*43.1cm W*39.3cm HY

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method:  Suppliers propose a suitable payment method

Product specifications provided by the customer

Photo of products provided by the customer

Customer information:

Photo of the customer's business card

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Ms. Chen about an import order of children’s backpack for her company's customers in the US market.

Ms. Chen currently holds the position of Supply Manager of ███████████████ SERVICE company. It is known that this is an American-owned quality assurance and supply company with offices in China and operations in 18 countries around the world. ███████████████ was born from our founder's desire to do quality surveying and sourcing differently. The company specializes in product categories such as furniture, home decor, flooring, promotional products, electronics, handicrafts, seasonal items, and other potential items.

Photo of the company’s website

Photos of the company's service list

More than just an inspection or sourcing company, ███████████████ has the business acumen needed to understand customer needs, goals and operations. Ms. Chen's company's customers span North America and Europe.

Photos of some of the company's customers

The services of ███████████████ are especially necessary when customers want to sell their consumer products in the US or European market. Partnering with manufacturers in low-cost countries can worry individual or business customers, as they are very likely to receive a shipment that does not meet the required quality standards. initial. ███████████████ has provided effective solutions and services to solve these customer problems. Owning a team of experienced professionals in each field and industry, ███████████████ will carry out inspection and supervision during the product processing process, ensuring the standard quality required by customers.

In addition, ███████████████ also deploys services to help customers connect with reputable suppliers in many countries around the world.

Photos of some projects of the company

Part of the company's employee workflow

For the Asian market, the company deploys its services in 11 countries, including China, Vietnam, and some other Southeast Asian countries. In the European region, the main markets must be mentioned such as Italy, UK, and Germany. In North America, there are two large markets, the US and Canada. In addition to owning a wide range of activities, the company also works with international transport companies to ensure smooth and fast shipping of customers' orders.

About this order, Ms. Chen shared: “Our customer this time has a need to buy a children's backpack with a special design. The order includes 4 designs, each design needs 5,000 pieces. If any manufacturer meets the order requirements, please contact me as soon as possible. Knowing that VIETGO owns a reputable supplier network in Asia, I am looking forward to receiving enthusiastic cooperation from your potential suppliers”.

Suppliers who can meet Ms. Chen's order please contact and send her a quote as soon as possible according to the information below:


Contact information:

Ms. █████ Chen

Email: █████.chen@████████████████.com

Wechat: 1591███████

Nationality: Chinese

Import country: USA


VIETGO wishes you another successful business!


Order number: C120522-NTT