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Greek partner plans to import 2 containers 40ft wood shavings for the upcoming stables lining project

13/05/2022 | 15:35:34

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of shavings from a potential customer, Mr. Basilis.

Greek partner plans to import 2 containers 40ft wood shavings for the upcoming stables lining project

Mr. Basilis currently has a tourism business cooperation project, so he contacted VIETGO with the hope that VIETGO will help him find the right supplier for this order.

Product details:

Product name: Wood shavings


Expect to import 2 40ft containers monthly if the quality is good

Purpose of use: Lining for horse stables

Material: White pine wood

Size: 10 - 25mm

Humidity: Up to 12%


No impurities, dust

Quotation method: CIF - Port of Piraeus, Greece

Payment method: L/C

Product illustrations

Customer information:

Shredded shavings are a type of cage lining that is too familiar to pet players because of its ability to absorb water quickly and easy to clean. Wood chips with 100% natural pine wood are one of the top choices for consumers when buying for pets and poultry. This is also the current request of Mr. Basilis, a Greek customer who recently contacted VIETGO and discussed his project. Mr. Basilis is currently working on biomass electricity. He works at ███████████████ndustry, with the main area of the alternative energy industry and the specific business product of tablets.

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Mr. Basilis shared: “Investing for the sake of customers, we have a large area to grow eucalyptus wood (220,000 trees) for raw materials. We also have a fast growing modern tablet standardization unit in the western Achaia region. With top-notch products, state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained staff, working with us offers significant benefits to both individuals and professionals. We produce pellets in very large quantities every week and supply them to thermal power plants that have contracted with us. Product quality will always be thoroughly checked by industry experts. I am the Manager of this department and also responsible for the final output quality check. We will not make any errors and always ensure that our pellet quality is not top but will be the best, most suitable for your thermal power plant.

And not only pellets, we also take advantage of the remaining raw materials after wood processing, such as sawdust, wood chips or shavings. These materials look like they will be thrown away, but we have taken advantage of it to supply farms that trade cattle, poultry, sheep, chickens and horses. This type of shavings is selected and dried according to international standards to be suitable for this breed with suitable humidity, thinness that does not scratch the skin of livestock and poultry, but also has the ability to absorb moisture extremely well. good. We have a line of dryers for products with low moisture content and a filter for dust removal. The final product, dry and dust-free, will be packed in a compression bag of approximately 10kg. The chip processing plant is located in Michoi, west of Achaia. (About 15km from Barda, Ilia). Up to this point, we have had a big problem that the production is not enough for the farms so we need another source, maybe from abroad. And that's why I consulted VIETGO's service. I hope through this detailed order, VIETGO will find a suitable supplier that can fulfill my wishes now. Thank you!".

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With outstanding development, the company expands its customer network, leading to a more secure supply. Mr. Basilis consulted many countries in Asia and found that the source, quality and price were quite suitable for his choice at that time. Therefore, he did not hesitate to contact VIETGO in the hope that VIETGO will help him find a suitable supplier that will accompany the company in future million-dollar contracts. For all contact information, please visit the address below.

VIETGO wishes you a successful business!

Customer contact information:

Mr. Basilis

WhatsApp: +30 ████████████

Company: ████████████████████ry

Website: http:/████████████████/

Email: █████████████hotmail.com

Nationality: Greek

Order number: B130522 - PNKH







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