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Opportunity to export women's swimwear to the Italian market

13/05/2022 | 14:50:26

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VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an order of women's swimwear from a Ukrainian customer, Ms. Masha.

Opportunity to export women's swimwear to the Italian market

VIETGO would like to send to suppliers an order of women's swimwear from a Ukrainian customer, Ms. Masha.

Ms. Masha is urgently looking for a supplier who can fulfill an order of women's swimwear to serve her business purposes in the Italian market.

Here are the order details:

Product name: Women's swimwear

Quantities: 5,000 sets

Design: Swimsuit including bra and pants, pants designed with high waist, deep cut, sexy

Material: High quality fabrics used for underwear such as Micromodal or Tencel

Colors: Pink, red, blue

Sizes: S-2XL (according to European standards)

Quotation method: DDP

Address: Rome, Italy

Payment method: L/C

Photos of products provided by the customer

Customer information:

Photo of the customer

Recently, VIETGO has received information from Ms. Masha about an import order of women's swimwear for her business in the Italian market.

Masha is a very special customer from Ukraine. She is a famous professional designer in Europe in the field of fashion. Because of her work, she often travels between two countries, Ukraine and Italy, to carry out her projects. Ms. Masha established her own exclusive brands named ██████████ ███████ and ██████ respectively for her design products. The BEKH brand is based in Ukraine, the ████████████ brand is made in Masha's tailor shop in Kiev and the ██████ brand is made in Portugal. Fashion collections designed by Masha herself are shown and sold in major markets such as Ukraine, Canada, Russia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan. One of Masha's brands is on display at the More Dash Showroom in Paris.

Until now, the ██████ brand has been an influential brand in the streetwear market, while the ████████████ brand has achieved worldwide success in cooperation with concept stores, the film industry and haute couture orders. With her success, Ms. Masha herself and her collection have appeared in many major international magazines around the world, including █████ in Ukraine.

Photo of the customer in a magazine

Some photos of Ms. Masha's collection

Having achieved many successes in her career, Ms. Masha wants to contribute her efforts to the development of society. She really wants to set up a charity center to help orphanages affected by war around the world.

Currently, Masha is looking for more collaborations with manufacturers to implement her new designs, which include products such as lingerie, backpacks, bags, pajamas. She requires the product to be manufactured according to the original design, besides that the quality of the fabric must also be guaranteed because her customers are quite demanding. For lingerie, she wants the suit to be made of Micromodal (a highly absorbent and highly breathable fabric) or Tencel (a highly safe and eco-friendly bio-based fabric) ). Masha hopes that through VIETGO's connection service, she will soon receive enthusiastic cooperation from potential suppliers.

Photos of products that Ms. Masha is looking for

Through the conversation, VIETGO realized that Ms. Masha is a customer with a serious working attitude and a high spirit of cooperation. Currently, the customer is eager to receive early quotes from potential partners. Suppliers who can meet Ms. Masha's order please contact and quote her as soon as possible according to the information below:


Contact information

Ms. Masha ████

Email: Masha████████

WhatsApp: +39 35██████████

Nationality: Ukrainian

Import country: Italy


VIETGO wishes you another successful business!


Order number: B130522-NTT   


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