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Opportunity to become a supplier for the export order of chicken eggs to the Russian market

13/05/2022 | 14:28:26

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Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Ms. Kalinina - a potential Russian customer, currently living and working in China, about an order to import chicken eggs.

Opportunity to become a supplier for the export order of chicken eggs to the Russian market

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Ms. Kalinina - a potential Russian customer, currently living and working in China, about an order to import chicken eggs.

Currently, she is in need of finding a reputable supplier so that she can conduct regular import orders to the domestic market. Here are the order details:

Order details:


Type: Ross 308 eggs 

Purpose of usage: Incubation eggs


Color: Brown

Weights: 53g-63g

Quantities: 300,000 units for trial

Then the customer will import 200 million units/year if the quality and price are suitable

Packaging: Using a dedicated trays

30 units/tray, 12 trays/carton

The customer also wants to receive more advice from the suppliers on the right packaging methods

Quotation method: EXW

Payment methods: L/C or T/T

Product illustrations

Product packaging illustration

Customer details:

Ms. Kalinina, representing ███████████, contacted VIETGO to discuss the egg import order and wished to have long-term cooperation with the company in the next import orders.

Photo of the customer company’s website

Business market photo of the customer company

Photo of the customer company's furniture factory

Photos of some products that the customer company is currently trading in

███████████ is a trusted strategic partner for those who buy or want to purchase and bring in goods, equipment or materials from Asian countries. The company has more than 10 years in the business of importing goods, transporting goods under separate contracts and customer contracts. The company delivers goods from Asian countries by method of finding suppliers, signing contracts, transferring money, certifying customs, delivering to customer's warehouses, etc. Based on customer's request customers, ███████████ looks for quality sourcing from countries around the world. Then the company will negotiate with suppliers to get the best price and order samples from factories to check and review the quality of the products. To ensure accurate and stable delivery time, the company establishes a separate route and signs an agreement, which clearly stipulates the delivery time and amount. The quality of goods during production and transportation is also strictly controlled by the company through receiving certificates, submitting documents in advance to customs and completing procedures within 1 day; deliver goods to the warehouse at a convenient time for the customer; provide documents in required format, etc.

“Most of our clients come back again, which means they are convinced of our performance. Companies wishing to deliver goods and official documents actively look to ███████████ and are ready to believe in the capacity and experience of the company's staff. We work with both large retail chains, factories, the oil industry and small and medium enterprises. █████████████ goal is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our clients' businesses, helping them find, manufacture and deliver on time from Asian countries. At the same time, our company also does its job in such a way that customers refer their friends and the income we receive allows the company and its employees to develop stably in the long run. With a mission to provide our clients with a wide range of import services to make their business easier and more efficient, we are proud to be able to play a part in the growth of our region as well as the Russian economy. Regarding employee remuneration, we are trying to create a dynamic and healthy working environment by cultivating kindness in employees and participating in social activities and other charity projects such as helping the homeless, the disabled, abandoned children without parental care, etc. because ███████████ understands that only a team of professionally trained staff, considers the needs of customers as their own needs can work effectively.

Realizing that in a global economy it is impossible to thrive without international communication, we help our clients to be competitive and efficient as they turn over the complexities involved in importing goods to us. We understand that nowadays it is extremely important to ensure the safety of our customers, their money and their goods, therefore we only use proven supply channels and do not engage in commercial activities. We also understand that trust in our partners is key in our business, so we try not to form undue expectations of ourselves and only provide reliable information about our delivery and transportation of goods. We try to do everything at the most professional and reasonable level. Through many years of operation, ███████████ is proud to be a united and strong group based on mutual support, trust, honesty, openness and awareness of the importance of the mission and values of the company. Thousands of customers have trusted and chosen us as a provider of quality and affordable freight forwarding services. To demonstrate this trust, we are constantly moving forward - investing in innovation, improving the quality of customer service as well as improving the management system to become more and more strict and effective”, Ms. Kalinina shared.

Through research, VIETGO has also learned that ███████████ operates its business to make profits, but at the same time is always aware of its responsibility to society and supports many different charity projects. Every quarter, the company conducts socially significant events, and with the development of its experience, the company tries to help those in need. Specifically in July 2020, ███████████ provided charity support to the Constellation Center to help abandoned children without parental care, support rehabilitation centers and local charities. On the eve of the March 8 holiday, ███████████ visited the Nadezhda Children's Rehabilitation Center, donating disposable medical masks to the local medical office. On the eve of the New Year holidays, the company also provided charity support to the Novosibirsk City Institute to serve the elderly and disabled "Veterans". For ███████████, the company's goal is to improve people's quality of life by providing good quality goods from different countries.

Photo of the certificate that the customer company has obtained

Talking about this order, the customer also said: “We are currently in need of importing chicken eggs with the quantity for the first cooperation being 300,000 units. This number will increase to 200 million/year if the supplier offers a reasonable price as well as standard product quality. This can be considered as a bulk order, so we need to ensure the quality and reasonable price to distribute to our customers in Russia. Knowing that VIETGO is the gathering place of thousands of reputable suppliers in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general, I came to VIETGO in the hope that your company could help me find potential suppliers who have good experience and supply capacity so that all import processes can be carried out quickly and smoothly. We always want to have a long-term business relationship and are ready to cooperate with the company in the near future if everything goes according to plan. Therefore, we hope to receive a quote from the suppliers soon so that we can discuss more about the order as well as the appropriate packaging method to maintain the product in the best condition when shipping”.

Hence, the suppliers who can meet Ms. Kalinina's requirements please contact and quote her via the contact information below:


Ms. Kalinina

Company: ███████████

Website: https://██████-a.com

Address: ██████████, ███████████████████, Russia

Email: ███████████@yandex.ru

Mob/Whatsapp: +86 1████████████

Country: Russia

Order number: A130522– NTN2