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A Bangladeshi enterprise needs to find suppliers of tali wood

22/01/2022 | 09:27:35

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of doussie logs from a potential customer, Mr. Hossain.

A Bangladeshi enterprise needs to find suppliers of tali wood


VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of doussie logs from a potential customer, Mr. Hossain.


Mr. Hossain, a Bangladeshi customer, has contacted VIETGO to find suppliers of doussie logs for his company's project.


Product details:




Quantity: 1 20ft container for trial

 (If the quality with competitive price is consistent, the customer will regularly import in large quantity)


Diameter: ≥70cm

Length: 5m – 11.8m

 (Suppliers please send actual product photos with quotes)

Quotation methods: FOB, CIF và CNF

Port of discharge: Port of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Payment method: L/C


Product illustrations


In addition, the customer is also interested in other types of logs, including Azobe, Ekki, Okan, Niove woods, etc. Suppliers please quote detailed prices (if any).


Customer details:


Recently, VIETGO has received a quotation request from Mr. Hossain - CEO of ████████ ███████████ - about an order to import doussie logs for his company's current project.

Photo of the customer's business card


Separated from India in 1947 and declared independent in 1971, Bangladesh is a relatively young country in the world. Even so, the South Asian country has made rapid changes. With the efforts of the country's leadership, Bangladesh has been one of Asia's fastest growing economies for many years, the 39th largest economy in the world in nominal terms and the 30th largest by purchasing power parity based on the statistics. Thanks to an open trade policy, a competitive workforce, and incentives for domestic companies and organizations to recover from the severe effects of the global epidemic wave, businesses Bangladesh is making great efforts to reassert its market share as well as expand its market and target audience.


Established in the 1960s and headquartered in Chittagong - the bustling port city of the Southeast and home to many of Bangladesh's oldest and largest corporations,, ████████ ███████████ is a long-standing company, specializing in processing and manufacturing wooden products, supplying raw wood imported from all over the world to customers as well as acting as a representative for domestic and foreign enterprises to perform work related to wood products.



Photo of the sawmill of the customer's company



Photos of some products traded by the customer's company


“I have held the position of CEO of the company since December 1964, up to now for more than 57 years. ████████ ███████████ is one of many subsidiaries of ██████ Group. The Group consists of five main subsidiaries: █████ TRADING █████, ██████ ███████████, ████████ ███████████, █████████ ████████ LTD and █████ MARKETING CO., operating in a diversified role representing import and export companies and factories not only of Bangladesh but also of other countries. The Group's main function is to assist in finding and consulting suppliers for many different types of goods (machinery, building materials, chemicals, electronics, agricultural products, etc.); provide necessary information about suppliers to customers; introduce goods and services to be brokered; conduct negotiations with suppliers, agree on meetings and contacts between brokered parties and assist brokered parties in drafting contract documents when necessary. We believe in gradual growth through diversification of related business areas in the region. The Group's vision is to deliver high returns with a business strategy focused on branding and customer loyalty. Our vision covers key aspects such as technology upgrading, continuous improvement, human resource development and provision of solutions to reach industrial customers. This integrated solution is █████████strategy for sustainable growth in today's competitive world.


████████ ███████████ works mainly with wood. We have a very large number of customers who order regularly every month, not only from our own source but also from all four companies combined. Therefore, I always need to look for new potential suppliers from export markets with abundant sources of high quality and affordable raw materials. With this order, I put my trust in VIETGO - a gathering place of thousands of suppliers around the world. I am very willing and looking forward to receiving the most competitive quotes from you soon”, Mr. Hossain shared.


With his serious buying attitude and positive cooperation goodwill, VIETGO believes that this will be an order that promises to bring a good cooperative business relationship, not only for enterprises that own good supply capacity around the world.


Through chatting and sharing, VIETGO realizes the potential as well as the goodwill of this customer to cooperate with enterprises. Any suppliers who can meet Mr. Hossain's order please contact via the contact information provided below.


Contact information of the customer:


Mr. ██. ████Hossain

Company name: ████████ ███████████

Registered address: The ███████████████████████████ ████ Building, ███████████████, ██████████, Bangladesh

Email: █████████@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +880 ███████████

National: Bangladesh


We wish you a successful and smooth transaction!


Order code – B190122 – NHA – NTN1