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Opportunity to export dragon fruits to the Russian market

28/07/2021 | 19:27:55

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Representative from Indonesia - Mr. Manish is currently looking for a supplier for imported aluminum ingots within 1 year in Asia.

Opportunity to export 3.600 tons of aluminum ingots to the Italian market within 1 year

Representative from Indonesia - Mr. Manish is currently looking for a supplier for imported aluminum ingots within 1 year in Asia.

Order details



Quantity: 150 - 200 tons for the first order, then will import the quantity up to 300 tons/month, total 3.600 tons/year


Aluminum ingot 99.7% or higher purity

Standard: GB/T 1196 - 2008

Packing: stack 1 ton ingots on top of each other

Quotation method: CIF

Destination port: Venice port, Italy

Payment method: 100% L/C


Product illustrations


Customer contact information

Businesses that can meet the above order and have goodwill to cooperate, please contact the customer through the details below:

Mr. Manish ██████is an Indonesian customer. In 2000, Mr. Manish founded his own company called ████████████ ████████. It is a trading company dealing in irons, foundries of cast iron, iron manganese, manganese silicon, chromite ores along with a variety of chemicals. Recently, Mr. Manish received an import request from a customer from Italy with a large quantity of aluminum ingots. It is known that VIETGO with a diverse operating model helps find and connect buyers with many suppliers in Asia, so Mr. Manish did not hesitate to come to us for this potential order.


Personal photo of the customer


Photo of the customer's business card

████████████ ████████ is an established reputable company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company is well equipped with the latest technology to recycle and safely handle a wide range of waste materials. Today, ████████████ ████████ can supply thousands of tons of metric quality scrap like HMS 1 & 2 scrap to their customers. It can be said that ████████████ ████████ is the best supplier in this competitive market, unlimited in quality and quantity, the products offered meet international regulations and standards. In addition, ████████████ ████████ has a large range of several other commodities available including dyes, glycerine, intermediates and printing inks.


Customer's Linkedin account


Company website photo

████████████ ████████ is one of the largest scrap metal suppliers to meet all customer requirements. The main business activities of ████████████ ████████ is intended for end buyers only and does not accept any intermediary agents.


VIETGO would like to send you order information suppliers, we wish you a successful business!


Mr. Manish ██████


Company █████████████████████

Address: ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████Raya

Email: ████████@c██████.id

Tel/Whatsapp: +62 ███████████

Country: Indonesia


Order number: A280721 - DBN - NTNQ




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