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Opportunity to export red onion to the UAE market

31/05/2021 | 17:33:36

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Opportunity to export red onion to the UAE market VIETGO sends to suppliers red onion orders from...

 Opportunity to export red onion to the UAE market


VIETGO sends to suppliers red onion orders from UAE customer, Mr. Raza.

Order details:

Product name: Red Onion

Size: 55 mm+

Quantities: 01 container 20ft


Fresh onion, no damage, no sprouting

Big, regular, pungent onion, the latest crop

Packing: 4.5 kg/mesh bag

Quotation method: CIF – Port of Jebel Ali, Dubai

Payment method: T/T

(the customer wants to discuss more about payment methods)


Product illustrations


An illustration of product packaging

Customer details:

Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with a potential Dubai customer, Mr. Raza. Mr. Raza is currently the purchasing director at █████████████████████, based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in trading all kinds of food and vegetables in Dubai. The client's company was established and put into operation in 2003 and is still in the process of expanding and developing.


Image of the customer's company business card


█████████████████████was established in the UAE in 2003 and quickly became the destination for a variety of imported fruit and vegetable products. His company specializes in trading items such as spices, nutritional seeds, frozen meat, etc. With the headquarters across the UAE, the company's services are expanding and improving than ever before. Customer service comes first with a quality staff that is the key to his company's success.

█████████████████████' customers are mainly regional retailers and focus on distribution in the potential UAE market. The company's supplier system is spread all over the world, from China, India, Pakistan, etc.

Sharing about his order this time, the customer enthusiastically said that this is the first time he imported in Vietnam. He hopes that he can find potential suppliers and long-term importers through VIETGO. After the order of ginger, garlic and onion in this purchase, the customer will consider products from Vietnam in even larger quantities.

Customer contact information:

Mr. ██████Raza

Purchasing Manager

Company: █████████████████████

Whatsapp: +971 ███████████

Email: ███████████████████████

Country: UAE


Order number: X-E310521-LTKL-NTN


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