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Opportunity to export yellow corn to the Indonesian market

15/05/2021 | 10:53:03

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VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Wendra - an Indonesian customer about an order to import corn kernels for the purpose of producing animal feed.

Opportunity to export yellow corn to the Indonesian market 


Recently, VIETGO has had a conversation with Mr. Wendra - an Indonesian customer about an order to import corn kernels for the purpose of producing animal feed.


Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to be able to carry out this import order and has a goodwill to cooperate with the company in the next import orders. Here are the order details:


Order details:


Product name: Yellow corn



Color: Gold

Moisture: 14% max

Broken kernels: 5% max

Admixture: 1.5% max

Additives: 1.5% max

Protein content: 8% max

Aflatoxin content: 20 ppb max


Image of detailed product specifications provided by the customer

Purpose of usage: Production of animal feed

Packaging: 50kg/PP bag

Quantities: 20 - 25 tons for the first trial import

After that he will proceed to import regularly

Quotation method: CIF

Destination port: Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Indonesia

Payment method: L/C at sight


Product illustration


Customer details:


Mr. Wendra is a young talented businessman from Indonesia - a country known as the "Land of Ten Thousand Islands" with Bali being the most famous tourist destination here in particular and Asia in general. Realizing the potential of yellow-seed corn business for livestock in the area recently when the price of corn is quite high, he decided to cooperate with a few friends to start a business and establish a business. own company in the near future. Therefore, he wishes to find reputable suppliers to be able to import this product at the best price to Indonesia.


Customer image

Customer’s passport image


Sharing with VIETGO, Mr. Wendra also said “Graduating from medical school, I pursued other directions after graduation. Before I got into business, I worked in the maritime patrol and control team in Indonesia. Although this is a difficult and risky profession, I am inherently adventurous and challenging, I have been attached to this job for a long time. Our daily work is to protect marine resources and environment; search and rescue of missing people and ships; handle violations of the law on seas and islands in accordance with Indonesian law. This can be considered a high-paying, desirable job when you can visit many places without spending too much money. I also have friends who work in this profession from Vietnam and find the people in your country very likable and friendly. They taught me to speak a little Vietnamese and shared many interesting things about their beautiful country. I also look forward to being able to set foot in Vietnam in the near future. However, due to the influence of the Covid pandemic, most activities on ships and boats are limited to the maximum extent; Therefore, I had to quit my job and start learning new professions. Through the process of surveying as well as market research, I and a few friends decided to establish a company specializing in trading corn kernels, whole and sliced yams because these are products that are in high demand. current huge demand. We will initially purchase products from farmers in the area and then sell them to large businesses and companies in the country. Since this is the first time we import products from another country, I hope VIETGO can become a bridge to help us find a reputable supplier for long-term cooperation in the near future”.


Pictures of some products that the customer's company is currently trading in


Through the process of working and exchanging orders, VIETGO realized that Mr. Wendra was a friendly and potential customer when he expressed his goodwill to want to cooperate with the company more long-term in the next orders. Thus, any suppliers who can meet his requirements please contact and quote with him via the contact information below:


Mr. Wendra


Address: ███████████ street, ████████████████ complex, █████, ██████████ district, ██████████ City, █████████, Indonesia

Customer email: █████████████████@gmail.com

Tel: +62 █████████████

Mob/Whatsapp: +62 █████████████

Country: Indonesian



Order number: A150521– NTN- NTN