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Opportunity to export 141m3 of pine timbers to the Indian market

15/05/2021 | 10:06:40

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VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of pine timbers from a potential customer, Mr. Mani.

Opportunity to export 141m3 of pine timbers to the Indian market


VIETGO would like to send you information about the order of pine timbers from a potential customer, Mr. Mani.


Mr. Mani is in need of importing pine timbers from a supplier for his company's project.


Details About Order As Follows:





Quantities: 141m3/month


Thickness: 45mm

Width: 70mm

Length: 1219mm, 1828mm, 2438mm, 4876mm

Product requirements:

The customer wants to receive a quote for rough sawn and 4 side planed timbers

Kiln dried timbers with an acceptance of the defects on the surface of the planks

Quotation method:

CIF – Port of Mundra, Gujarat, India

Payment method: 100% L/C at sight


Product illustration



Contact information:


Mr. Mani ██████


1st company: ████████████████

2nd company: ████████████████████

Address: ██████████, ███████████████████████, ██, ████████████, ████████████████, ██████ - ██████, ███████████, India

Website: █████████████.com

Email: ██████████████████@gmail.com           

Mob/WhatsApp: +91 ███████████

Nation: India


Customer information:


Mr. Mani, a friendly customer of VIETGO, representing 2 companies named ████████████████ and ████████████████████ in India, is currently looking for suppliers for pine timbers.


Customer image


███████████████████████████████████s business card image


████████████████████████████ company’s website image


█████████████████████s Facebook sale page image


Image of ████████████████████'s sale page on Indiamart

Images of some products that ████████████████████ is currently trading in


Mr. Mani shared “For amusement parks and sports centers, we have to use specialized types of flooring. Because these are areas with high density of use, the pressure on the floor is very large. Ordinary floors will not be able to meet such high demand. That's why the multi-purpose sports floor, a line of flooring materials specialized for use in the sports industry, was invested with its durable and good resistance properties, helping to minimize injury to the body. sports athletes.


Based on the consumers’ requirements, in 2011, ████████████████ and ████████████████████ was founded by Mr. Pawan █████, specializing in manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and providing services of indoor and outdoor sport floorings. In addition, we also provide wall sports protection cushions to help reduce impact injuries during sports activities, as well as skirting tiles, etc.


The above products are designed by the leading skilled and experienced experts, with a team of skilled and skillful technical supervisors. The company also applies modern machinery and technology, complying with set industry standards. Therefore, the products manufactured by the company are always trusted by consumers, because of their high durability and low maintenance costs. Such success is also thanks to the great efforts of his mentor, Mr. Amit █████, who has extensive experience in the field of flooring manufacturing and trading. Under his guidance, we have achieved a leading position in this highly competitive market.


In order to serve customers better and more professionally, my company always makes perfect policies not only about products, their prices, but also service styles and added values. In addition, we have deployed a product research and development team, managed by a group of experienced professionals, who are currently engaged in carrying out comprehensive research activities to provide High quality sports flooring products. This division operates with the following purposes such as market analysis, product development, product quality improvement while keeping prices competitive, as well as finding out current production technologies. And all the business philosophies of ████████████████ and ████████████████████ are always understood by all employees and considered as the working motto”.


The young customer said “Currently, my company is importing Maple wood to produce floorings from Germany, with very good price and product quality. I would like to send a bill of the imported shipment of 01 40'HC Maple wood container on December 5, 2019 from Germany: 


Customer company’s importing bill image


I am really serious about this order and hope to find a good supplier. This is the first time my company has imported wood from another market. It is known that VIETGO is a reputable trade bridge in Vietnam and Asia, so I am very confident that with its support helping me find the right supplier for my order”.


The customer expressed his absolute confidence in the support of VIETGO, which will soon help him connect successfully with the right, serious and trustworthy suppliers. Through the serious buying attitude and the active goodwill brought by Mr. Mani, VIETGO believes that this will be a promising order to bring about a good cooperative business relationship, not only for businesses that own a good supply capacity in Asia in general, but also for Vietnamese businesses in particular.


With extensive experience in business as well as import and export fields, VIETGO realizes the potential of this customer. Any supplier who can meet Mr. Mani's order please contact and quote him as soon as possible via the contact information provided above.


VIETGO hopes that you will seize the opportunity, quickly contact them for a successful export order.



Code order – B140521 – NTN - NTNQ  



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