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Opportunity to export peanuts to the Chinese market

14/05/2021 | 09:33:47

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VIETGO would like to send you information about a lost order from a potential customer, Mr. Chen.

Opportunity to export peanuts to the Chinese market


Mr. Chen, a customer from China, is in need of importing peanuts


VIETGO would like to send you information about a lost order from a potential customer, Mr. Chen.


Detailed information about peanut products would like to be sent to suppliers as follows:


Purpose of use: Pressing oil

Trial quantities: 01 container 40ft

Monthly quantities: 05 containers 40ft

Sizes: 40/50 and 50/60


Peanut type: Peanuts of medium quality with good price

Peanut pressed oil, so customer do not put too much emphasis on quality

However, customers require good seeds, not moldy, not deep or damaged

Quotation method: CIF – Port of Guangzhou, China

Payment method: T/T


Product images provided by the customer

An illustration of the product's packaging



Customer details:


Crude oil pressing is a growing and profitable industry. According to the experts, the expansion of pressed crude oil capacity in China is also the reason for the sharp increase in the number of peanut and sesame oil processing farms in Vietnam. This is also the reason why Mr. Chen - a Chinese customer is in need of importing peanuts.


Image of the customer's personal business card


Mr. Chen is currently living and working in China. His company is ███████ (█████████) █████████████████████ Co. Ltd, with headquarters in Guangzhou, China and branches in India, USA, Middle East and Africa. He said that he had been working in the export industry for 13 years and this was the first time he had imported other goods. The items he deals in are diverse and are mainly foodstuffs and specialize in importing and exporting for markets around the world.


Mr. Chen said that he highly appreciated the Vietnamese market and for him, Vietnam was one of the countries specializing in trading and producing peanuts for export. He also hopes to find potential and quality suppliers. He added that because this was a product for pressing oil, he did not put too much emphasis on quality, but he hoped to receive a good product without any damage. Quantity will increase to 05 containers 40ft monthly after the first order if the quality is judged well.


Customer company’s website image


Thus, this is the reason why he chooses the support from VIETGO with the hope that VIETGO will help him find the right supplier for his order. If this order successfully connects to potential suppliers, he will order more often with even more attractive different orders.

For more information, please contact the address below. VIETGO hopes that the supplier will soon quote Mr. Chen so that the order can be exported quickly as expected.


Customer contact information: 


Mr. Chen

Wechat: ██████

Phone number: +86 █████████████

Company: ███████ (█████████) ████████████████████████. Ltd

Email: ██████@gmail.com

Nationality: Chinese



Order number: A120521 – LTKL - NTN