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Opportunity to provide fashion vest products for a VIP guest of VIETGO to the Korean market

12/05/2021 | 19:47:44

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Mr. Henry - a potential customer who is also a close friend of VIETGO, contacted us for his fashion vest order to export to the Korean market.

Opportunity to provide fashion vest products for a VIP guest of VIETGO to the Korean market


Mr. Henry - a potential customer who is also a close friend of VIETGO, contacted us for his fashion vest order to export to the Korean market. Mr. Henry is known as a famous businessman not only in Korea but also in Vietnam, because he has worked and lived in Vietnam for a long time, he understands very well the strength and quality of this country's products. Perhaps because of that this trader is quite " skilled" in the business and even at VIETGO, he has also successfully imported hanger orders.


Customer image


Coming to VIETGO this time, he expressed his desire to find quality suppliers in the Garment industry for fashion vest products so that he could negotiate and place orders soon. For details of his orders, please see the details below:


Details of the order      


PRODUCT NAME: Men Fashion Vest


Quantity: 1,000 units for the first trial order

This is a design of a top brand in Korea, after assessing the quality of the product, the customer can continue to place orders in larger quantities

Size: from S – XL (Asian Standard)

Application: fashionable, capable of keeping warm

Material: The outer layer of polyester fabric is preferred, the supplier can recommend some of the available fabrics

The inside is filled with chemical cotton or goose feathers

Design: similar to the illustration, the shirt can be use on both sides

One side of the fabric is plain and the other side is patterned, the patterned side requires 2 extra non-flap pockets. The zipper can open in both directions. The shirt leg has a drawstring

Requirements: Suppliers can send a catalog full of current shirt models that their company is producing

Quotation method: FOB

Packaging method: packed in poly bags, clearly indicated the size, the supplier can recommend the appropriate method

Payment term: T/T


Product pictures provided by the customer


Information to contact customers


Any suppliers that can satisfy the above orders and have good faith in cooperation, please contact the customer through the detailed information below:


Mr Henry ███

Company: ███████████ 

Email: ████████@gmail.com

Zalo/wechat/whatsapp: +82██████████

Country: Korea 


Customer business card


Customer information


Mr. Henry is our closed customer of VIETGO who repeatedly contacted us asking for assistance in finding suppliers for some products. Our client is currently the CEO of Korean-based ███████████. His company is a trading company specializing in importing and trading a wide range of household appliances in the Korean market. Mr. Henry's main business is mainly trading with a wide range of products such as textiles (bedding, yarn, cotton towels...), wood (clothes hangers, clothes hangers, wooden tables...). These products are imported by Mr. Henry mainly to serve some potential markets such as Australia, the US, Japan and Korea.


Customer company website


Previously, he imported goods from China, Bangladesh, South Africa... However, due to the desire to expand his business, mr Henry also needs to find more suppliers in Asia to assess as well as research more about new supply markets.


Bill of lading imported plastic products from Hai Phong port, Vietnam to South Korea on 20 August 2019


Sharing with us, our customer said that he was very satisfied in working with us, because he was always busy, but after contacting VIETGO about his previous orders such as clothes hangers, bed sheets, towels... He has received many responses from suppliers not only in Vietnam but also in neighboring areas.


Especially, our customer visited VIETGO office as well as factory every single time he returned to Vietnam. Mr. Henry and CEO Nguyen Tuan VIETGO also had a talk about the cooperation between two companies. He sent Mr. Tuan Viet his thankfulness when he was introduced to very qualified suppliers. He also expressed his wish to have a long-term cooperation with VIETGO.


Pictures of Mr. Henry and the director of VIETGO - Mr. Nguyen Tuan Viet during his business trip in Hanoi

Picture of Mr. Henry visiting the factory and meeting some VIETGO suppliers

Mr. Henry started contacting VIETGO from the beginning of August 2019 to exchange and find suppliers for his large orders. And not long after that, on October 17, 2019, the customer successfully signed an export order with a supplier in our system under the promotion of VIETGO


Proforma invoice for hangers from Mr. Henry and a supplier in the VIETGO system


Product image requested by customer


About our client, Mr. Henry is an experienced businessman in international trade, professional and serious at work, but also very close and open in everyday life. He is very interested in strengths as well as goodwill and wishes to have long-term cooperation with Vietnamese enterprises. He can speak Korean, English and Japanese and regularly travels to Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, and South Africa so potential suppliers can contact and recommend products. to Mr. Kim to find output opportunities for their products.


Pictures of Mr. Henry exchanging with VIETGO


A few notes when working with this customer:


Henry's orders are characteristic of relatively good quality and reasonable price. He prioritizes suppliers who can work on a long-term basis towards mutual benefits of both sides.


Mr. Henry is a trader with many years of experience, but due to the diverse characteristics of products, along with the fact that he has many orders at the same time, the supplier should pay attention when discussing clearly, specifically, as much as possible the product specifications, packaging, quantity, delivery time as well as sending to customers the catalog of their corporate vest.


The main way of communication is through Zalo, whatsapp, wechat...


VIETGO would like to send your order information suppliers, VIETGO would like to wish you a successful business!



Order code: A120521 – NTL - NTNQ