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Opportunity to export T-shirt for a famous sportswear company in Germany

12/05/2021 | 18:58:31

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Mr. Ralph - a German customer with a large distribution network and partners in many countries is looking for a supplier of high quality sports T-shirts for his famous sportswear company.

Opportunity to export T-shirt for a famous sportswear company in Germany


Mr. Ralph - a German customer with a large distribution network and partners in many countries is looking for a supplier of high quality sports T-shirts for his famous sportswear company.


Previously, the client contacted us for a sock design, which is also the company's flagship product, marking an interesting story behind the Silverlight brand to encourage young people to improve their value of life. Returning to VIETGO this time, Mr. Ralph is looking for a supplier for T-shirt products to serve his new project.

For further details, please refer to the following information:


Mr. Ralph’s picture


Order details 


Product name: Men's T-shirt


Quantity: 1,000 pcs per sample

Size: S, M, L, XL for the first order, then add size XXL for later orders (size according to European standard)

Color, design: The first order will be mainly black, sporty and strong designs for men

With regular orders, the customer will increase the quantity as well as the number of colors and import other designs for women.

Currently, the customer is interested in 03 samples from different brands, the suppliers can refer to the details below to visualize more about the customer's designs:


Form 1: Y Athletics Silverair Merino Neck Crew T-Shirt


Link: █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████


Material: 53% Merino wool, 42% nylon, 5% silver fiber

Description: V-neck sports shirt, sleeveless, slim fit

Requirements: Silver fibers are capable of preventing body odor, product details are printed on the back of the shirt (no tag required); The underarms and valves are designed to be comfortable and breathable. The product should have a body degree and must not be too long or wide


Product sample pictures provided by the customer


Form 2: Smartwool Merino 150 Base Layer


Link: ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████


Material: 100% Merino wool

Description: Short-sleeved t-shirt, round neck, sleek shape

Requirements: Moderate thickness and smoothness, not too tight; The product does not need to print the brand name on the back neck as well as the tag on the shirt body


Product pictures provided by the customer


Form 3: Icebreaker Oasis Crew Merino 200 Base Layer


Link: █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████


Material: 100% Merino wool

Description: Short-sleeved shirt, round neck, rounded shape

Requirements: Body fit, comfortable feeling, designed with seams at shoulder and neck; The fabric for this sample should not be too thick


Product sample pictures provided by the customer

                      Quotation method: FOB

Packaging method: The customer is researching the packaging standards for this product line, the supplier can introduce their packaging method to their business
Payment term: T/T (Bank transfer, 30% deposit and 70% payment after order completed) 

  •   Note: This is a product designed by the company, so many details will be changed during the final product launch, customers require to receive a sample for each design or change, he will pay the fee for each change

Customer contact information


You may contact the client using the following information to discuss further with him:


Mr. Ralph ███████████


Company: ██████████████████████

Website: █████████████████

Email: ███████████████████.store

Nationality: Germany

Country: China


Customer information


Ralph is currently the CEO of ██████████████████████, based in Hong Kong. Established on December 20, 2016 as a joint stock enterprise, ██████████████████████ specializes in providing self-designed sports apparel. The company's main and primary product is hiking socks. In the previous socks order, he shared that in the future, the customer wishing to expand more sportswear, not long after that, he began to research new products for the company. And after the great success of mountain socks, he hopes that customers will continue to welcome this new product of the company.


Customer’s company information


████████████s current goal is to produce the best quality hiking socks the customer has ever put on their feet. ███████████ has successfully developed and designed socks for hiking, jogging and trail running that have gained more and more customers support and tell him they will not wear any other socks, even though It's for walking to the supermarket, for hiking during the day or for a marathon. In addition to socks products, the company's orientation is to develop more sports products for young people with a youthful and dynamic style.


Customer company's sales website

Facebook page of the customer company which has thousands of followers


Established in 2018, from a small company, Mr. Ralph has built a brand with the desire for young people to believe in adventure and discovery, about not only about outdoor activities, but also the lifestyle. Young people need to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, continually improve and never give up, achieve things they never thought they could. As an enthusiast person of hiking and trail running, he has experence on his own that he couldn't find the perfect pair of  blistershiking socks that prevent blisters, are odorless, dry quickly and super comfortable even after many days on the road, hence he made them himself. Just six months later, he raised nearly $ 40,000 through community funding on Indiegogo, as he said: “That's what we strive for, as a human and as a company ”.


Some feedbacks from celebrities for socks products


Sharing more about his business, he said that the company's main markets are Australia, America, New Zealand and Europe. The company is located in Hong Kong and there is only one factory in China that can provide products with the quality required. This is also the main factory which manufatures and distributes his products to consumers. Currently, while living in Vietnam, he realizes that our country especially focus on developing the textile and garment industry and wishes to find qualified suppliers which can offer competitive prices. If any suppliers can provide products which meets all his requirements, he will continue to work with those suppliers for the upcoming sports jersey.


Below are some of the customer's shipping documents:


Customer's shipping invoices for shoes to his China warehouse on 25/08/2019


Talking more with this potential customer, we were extremely surprised to learn that he currently lives in Da Nang. Mr. Ralph said that last year he traveled to Vietnam  for tourism but becuase  the Covid-19 pademic was raging that he could not go back home. After 1 year of living here, he has gradually been in loved with people in Da Nang and considered this city as his home  away from home as well as decided to cooperate with factories here to expand the supply market.


Because Ralph is a big fan of rock climbing, he has experienced most of the landscapes as well as climbed to most of the mountains in Da Nang. In this April, he plans to travel to the North of Vietnam with his friends to experience more beautiful scenes in Vietnam, and Mr. Ralph also wants to visit VIETGO on the nearest furture. 


Mr. Ralph’s trip in Da Nang


Mr. Ralph is looking forward to hearing from the suppliers as soon as possible for further discussion. VIETGO wishes you would have another successful deal with this order. 



Order number:  A110521-NTL-NTNQ